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Hi All,I thing that i find some bug in the newest IOS 15.1.4M.The case is falow:I start to configure failover for the costomer - make default route, make the default path but i cant find the comand IP SLA monitor.Is some meet this problem with this I...

georgievh by Beginner
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I have an OSPF to BGP / BGP to OSPF redistribution going on between our network and our MPLS provider.Basic diagram attached.I am just a bit confused about the route-maps being used for redistribution.As I understand it the first line of the route ma...

I want to expand my company network upto 370 remote users. currently only 10 users can connect with my ERP system. to do so, I have configured IPSec VPN on Cisco 2811 router and I have added a third party link load balancer in front of it to add 2 in...

junshah22 by Beginner
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Hi,I have 2 seperate WAN links, Serial 2Mbps P2P and MPLS 2Mbps links from my office to the data center.Both these lines have been configured for load balancing by creating a virtual tunnel. The load balancing works as both routes are avaialble in th...

Hi,I have two pair of Nexus7000 in my two datacenters as vPC pair (A&B in datacenter 1 and C&D in datacenter2 ).I have created VLAN 100 on all four Nexus with ip,.3 and .4. ip is glbp and acting as GW for all my servers in both data...

Hello pros.Could anyone help me to solve the BGP4 miltihoming problem I have...I've got cisco2821 with c2800nm-advipservicesk9-mz.124-21.bin, AS400, 30 customers and 3 ISPs with AS100, 200, 300 respectivly.How can I BGP load balance among 3 ISP so th...

I got a document that OER/pfr can reconverge traffic within 3 seconds...I am trying to setup one in my lab for latency or delay and I cant get it with in this time..

Hello, i need some help.I have an equipment that has its output as standard layer 2 HDLC and i need to transport that HDLC over an IP network. At destination i need the HDLC intact, the IP network must be transparent. How can i do that?Thanks in adva...