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I hope i ask this correclty.I have one host IP address that I need to connect to serveral inside hosts via https and ssh.ip nat inside source static tcp 443 443 extendable <-- This works fine. And ...

Dear All,How to share unequal cost load sharing in eigrp ??R1 ===== R2I have two links between R1 and R2. One link with 512 kbps and other link with T1 link. I want to load balance these two links, and i want to optimally utilize the bandwidth of the...

Resolved! GRE Tunnel help

Hello,We are in the process of trialing Singlewire's Informacast software.  I've been able to get multicast routing set up properly on the LAN where the server resides, however getting it across our WAN to a remote site is another story.Our provider ...

I have a customer who still has a bunch of Point-to-Point circuits between sites. The carrier does NOT provide clock for the circuits.I have attached a diagram. All the Lines are T-1s, all the squares are routers, All T-1s are the point to point as a...

mloraditch by Rising star
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Hi,We know that classical Ethernet (with C-VLAN) is connectionless. We don't need to establish a connection prior to transmit the Ethernet data.Is PBB woul be different with its operator addressing?Thanks for your words,Michel

hostettle by Beginner
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Hi Expert,In face i've posted the same thread under section voice, video and colaboration but didn't receive any advices.I've defined a class-map that match the voice rtp traffic from ippphone connected to a hwic-4esw module. I'm not sure why the voi...

Resolved! MPLS Question

Hello Everyone,Is there a way to implement policy based routing in mpls..Basically, I only want the Loopback's advertised within the core not the point-2-point links..Is this possible??I don't think so, just a simple question..PR

Mavrick25 by Beginner
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Hi,i have a two public networks from my ISP (they are not continuous): only one default gateway to setup my ASA that my public network will be f.e.: and using gateway I want to use ...

I've been searching without success to find the answer to what seems an obvious question regarding the use of ip default-network command. To put it into context, consider the scenario..A core router R1  has the link to the Internet (e1 - vi...

bronning by Beginner
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