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Hi,If we configure GRE tunnel between over the network which is not Multicasting enabled. But we need to send multicasting packets over GRE tunnel.If we run routing protocol on the GRE tunnel it will form the neighbor relationship. Will it encapsulat...

Hello.I've been looking a lot, both at google and on this forum, but I can not find the solution. I can not configure a router 836 on a ADSL over ISDN line .The company is Jaztel ISP, PVC 8 / 35 PPPOE.The CD Led is on, but the PPP not.Thank you.Regar...

Hi,I have a Cisco 857 router. I have an internal ip address to which I want to direct traffic from an external source.The internal IP address is Previously I have translated a single port to this address, I did this by adding a line to ...

nickc1976 by Beginner
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Config in Cisco3845 IOS c3845-advipservicesk9-mz.124-24.T2.bin:policy-map child class TOS1    bandwidth percent 45policy-map parent class class-default    shape average 2000000  service-policy childinterface Tunnel1201 bandwidth 300 tunnel bandwidth ...

georgd by Beginner
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I have an ASA 5505 firewall configured as an IPSec VPN gateway which a direct public IP is assigned to the outside WAN interface. After a while I can't access any outside IPs from the firewall even the gateway of the public IP. When I remove the IP a...

Resolved! QOS

HiBranch_Office connects to HQ using service_provider MPLS network.In order to improve Voice Quality between branches and HQ, QOS is needed.Can someone help with steps needed to configure QOS at HQ and branch end.

We get some HighQueueDropRate Alerts from Cisco works on our 2600 Routers with T1 links.These look to come from both Fa and Se ports of the routers.What could be causing these alerts?  Or are the thresholds set to low?Here is an example of the alert....

fasteddye by Beginner
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Hello Guys,I have a 7609 with 2 sup720B which i later found out later that it cannot support the current full routes (BGP). Is there an upgrade path for the 7203B to 7203BXL or CXL?Thanks!Marlon

mbserrano by Beginner
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I can't seem to find a page where they'd put clearly the requirements for IOS upgrades. If I understood correctly, each Cisco device can upgrade to a higher IOS version, depending on the amount of DRAM and Flash installed. My first question is, are y...

feng.lian by Beginner
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What is normally the issue with a controller going up and down? LOF - Telco or CPEThis is on a 3825 ISR.Jun 17 09:08:40: %CONTROLLER-5-UPDOWN: Controller T1 2/0/1, changed state to down (LOF detected)Jun 17 09:08:41: %CONTROLLER-5-UPDOWN: Controller ...

mattsmith by Beginner
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My question is this  I am using  class basedLLQ and in  particular I have set voice RTP to a priority percent of 70...see attachment for configThe question is, does this set aside the bandwidth for this class so that it is not available to the other ...

can any one guide how to connect two differnt regional site on same city VIA dark fiber.currently one site is running OSPF and other is also but dont know the IP scheme on other end. what is the best possible solution to connect both the sites either...

alap84 by Beginner
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