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Hello all,I'm bringing up a new DS3 line, and i've got some questions.  Basically the circut shows up / up, and the carrier is saying there are no problems on their end of the circut.  I'm having a very hard time believing them because we've had issu...

Jkloza_2 by Beginner
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Hello,I'm thinking about applying differente traffic shaping to packets with different destination in the same interface. So the idea is to identify the traffic in the inbound interface, and then if the packet destination is X then he gets 5Mbps but ...

drojasug33 by Beginner
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Hi,I am wondering if anyone uses Application Runtime Engine (AXP) module to run third party security applications.  My customer does not want to use IOS FW or IOS IPS.  He saw this AXP module and was wondering if AXP can run ESX host and have checkpo... by Participant
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Hi All, I have two 2801 routers populated with VWIC-2MFT-T1/E1 card in each. I have configured routers using commands as below. controller e1 0/2/0framing no-CRC4clock source internalchannel-group 0 timeslots 1-31 These commands brought a serial inte...

Has anyone ever encountered a missing character in a device command  prompt?  I have a 2821 router that will not display the "#" character or  the ">" when I ssh to it.  The hostname is correct, but the prompt  character after the hostname will not d...

Resolved! Measuring the Mbps

Hi,looking at the "Portable Product Sheets - Routing Performance" I noticed the 2821 supports 87 Mbps of cef switching. I was wondering if there's a way to measure how many of that capacity (87 Mbps) I'm currently using. I was thinking about cpu util...

I have a configuration similar to that shown in Fig. The area 0 lies between the switches and routers with LAN links of  1Gbps and an area 1 just for WAN links with low capacity, eg 64Kbps So when a packet is sent from a Router3 to Router4, this does...

All,I'm trying to create a full mesh network, but i keep getting the message of "Can't use same dlci on overlapping circuits"I create the following from int s1/1 and on the second command I get the above message.frame-relay route 102 int s1/0 101fram...

I am tring  to inject a default route in rip & eigrp without redistrubtion.two of my routers R3 & R4 must use the default route.I am succesfull when using a conditon route ( ie: acl+route map -only when network is in R2 route tablebut when I ...

Hi,I've had Cisco 1811W router for 5 years and it's no longer supported. I have used it for:- Firewall- VPN for remote user access- having internal/external/DMZI'd also like to be able to descent QoS, blocking P2P traffic, and it'd be nice to be able...

Can someone please verify that my QoS settings are correct?  I'm prioritizing VoIP traffic (DSCP 46/COS5) over a 100Mb Layer 2 metro ethernet line, the phones are all Avaya VoIP phones.  The reason I'm asking is that the voice quality is terrible and...

niro by Beginner
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Hello all, good day, i would like to inquire how to use vpn over a network since i have no idea about it. I have this problem, the other network run in static ip address but its a pppoe type, and the other one would be purely static no dial up needed...

nekaratal by Beginner
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