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I have a scenario where where I have two ASR1002 routers connected over a 2x1gig Wavestream connection. I am currently encrypting these successfully.One of the ASR routers is connected to a 1841 router (as well) via a 100Meg EES circuit. (Extended Et...

Hi Experts,I have a 7204 router with NPE -G1 card and have around 200 GRE tunnels with a lot of data input/output from tunnels. Due to amount of high Data or ip input , i am running 60+ % CPU , does having any hardware acceleration cards ( VPN MODULE...

Cisco CCM 6.1xx, Cisco router 2821.We have a city and county 911 dispatch center and they don't like each other. Here is my problem, when I call 911, it goes to the city dispatch and it needs to go to the county.I have the correct co analog line on p...

hpedolzky by Level 1
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We recently stopped receiving netflow from one of our devices after it had been rebooted.  The configuration was written before the reload and the config still looks correct.  A debug ip flow export shows:010023: *Oct 22 10:17:43.230 CDT: IPFLOW: Sen...

corey by Level 1
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I have two Catalyst 6513 with a point-to-point 155Mbps connection between them. Even if I'm not trasmitting traffic between them, I see:- input errors and CRCs increasing onlt on one side. The number of input errors and CRCs corresponds to the numbe...

s-durando by Level 1
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Need your help on how implement HSRP to support auto failover for 2 sites using two (2) E1 Domestic Leased Line. If 1841 router is supported platform ig not what possible minimum router i can use? Pls. suggest what else i need to consider if I need t...

Hi all,on my core router I have few peer's with my clients and few peer's with upstream providers.I have prefix list and route maps for my upstream providers.One client advertise to cisco his subnet with prepend's AS AS AS x.x.x.x/x (backup link)I wa...

We are having an issue getting netflow stats from our Internet Router.  It is a Cisco 2800 series router running BGP protocol.Doing the sh ip flow export shows exports happening  Exporting flows to 64.xx.xx.55 (2055)  Exporting using source interface...

fasteddye by Level 1
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Hi,I have a ADSL Cisco 877-k9 Router but I do not a a ADSL line, My question is can I use it on cable modem ?Thank you

We are trying to setup the virtual APN with "pre-authentication" feature on GGSN Release 9, whereas the Radius server changes the APN during the authentication stage.The question is which Radius attribute in the Access-Accept should contain the new A...