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Hello Dear Experts,    I have a question about the BGP redundancy link to two links to same ISP.We are the transit to our customers. One of our customer has to connected to our Europe link. This customer also hasother link to other ISP to Europe link...

Hello all,I am using Cisco 877W to connect my home network to the Internet.Using dynamic DNS (DYNDNS.ORG) I have configured a web site on a Windows server to be redirected to port 443 on this server. Instead of this, what I get is the CP express webs...

amoge0123 by Level 1
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Dear Sir,I have cisco 837 ADSL router so sometimes suddenly no internet access (internet disconnect).I entered to the router by console then ping to ISP's DNS ( public IP address) it's ok then ping to my laptop it's ok too but from my laptop to this ...

Resolved! 3945E IOS?

I've had a new 3945E router for a couple of months now and I've checked for new IOS downloads a few times but under the 3945E section, none are listed at all, not even the one it shipped with (15.1.1 T) while the 3945 is showing 15.1.2 T1 as its late...

dan.tesch by Level 1
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Hello All, I am trying to connect to my 1941W router via telnet and Cisco CP with no luck. When I attempt to telnet I receive the follow error: “…Could not open connection to host, on port 23: Connect failed.” When attempting to connect via CCP I rec...

abc2014de by Level 1
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I have a Cisco router thats purpose is to be mobile. With that said it will go from one hotel to another and get its WAN connection from the hotels public internet via DHCP.My problem is this, the WAN interface will not pull a DHCP address when the c...

Below is the output for TTCP from RouterA to RouterB.I am interpeting the ouput as RouterA has sent 67mbps of data to RouterB in 39 seconds and averaging 1.6mbps? Is this correct?What does the 2626 I/O calls mean? Thanks in advance.ttcp-r: buflen=327...

Resolved! WAN

Hello Dears,DHCP Server is in HUB location and Branch users need to get ip address through HUB. Does the DHCP request passes through WAN ??? when there is a route in routing table of Branch router to the DHCP server.Is it a Professional Design to do ...

I just inherited a small WAN,, been a while since I tackled QOS, can some eye the config below and see if it makes sense? My main puzzle is why the admin re-applied dscp af31 when building the policy mapThanks !!!class-map match-any priority2 match i...

rpinon by Level 1
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Hi all,I have another question here.I want to add remarks in an existing ACL. Can i do that without rewriting the entire access-list or do i have to remove it and create it again?For instance I have this ACLip access-list extended NAT deny   ip host ...

Hi,I've been looking at MPLS VPN over mGRE as a really neat "MPLS-lite" solution to the problem of routing segregation across a third party IP core without having to deploy a mesh of point to point GRE tunnels running LDP and "real" MPLS.For referenc...