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Cisco ISR 4451x vs ASR 1002

Hello Everyone.I have 50.000 devices on my site. all this computers access 3 ip address and 1 port every second (without stopping)which router do you advice? which router can handle this amount of connection?  now i have 4451x but there is some probl...

orxan20 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cannot Ping PT servers

Hi, doing a school project with Cisco Packet Tracer. For some odd reason, I am unable to ping my PT servers despite having implemented OSPF in my 3 routers. Only HQ and Branch can ping the HQ & Branch Servers and Internet User and ISP can ping Web Se...

Jin224 by Beginner
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Static routing on a switch to a specific server

Hi guys, In our environment we work with a router on stick kind of setup combined with HA.Now, recently we added a new switch (Catalyst 9500) in our network with 40Gbps uplink and 10Gbps connections straight to some of our clients. Now this is partia...

Damon M. by Beginner
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Resolved! default route as interface

Hi,I examine the ping in a test config in the packet tracer. The config:PC1 - Switch - (Fa0/1) RouterA (Fa0/0)  - (Fa0/0) RouterB (Fa0/1) - PC2I configured the routers default gateway as follows:RouterA : ip router fastethernet 0/0Rou...

VRRP and IP SLA Reachability Issue

 I have a multihomed scenario with two routers connected to two different ISP's.The inside interfaces of the routers have VRRP configured and are both connected to the same switch.IP SLA reachability is set up to track reachability to in the ...

Resolved! Catalyst 3650 high cpu utilization

Hello, Cisco Community!We've encountered high CPU utilization issue on our 2x3650 stack.Processes eating CPU are: ARP Input, SISF Switcher Th, SISF Main ThreadIssue is happening only on working hours, so likely that connected to user activity.We trie...

KirillKO by Beginner
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Resolved! Problems in getting an ACL to deny SSH to work

Hi,I have got an ASR920 with a loopback address of that we use for management. I want to regulate SSH access to limit it only to the network, so I created this ACL:permit tcp  host eq 2...

ThomasD86 by Beginner
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bootstrap and apply-group

Good day !I'm in the process of building a common configuration that I'm using to bootstrap multiple xrv 9k instances. The configuration comprises groups that are then applied in the relevant section. While I have verified that the groups are defined...

tomc.pnnl by Beginner
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Hello everyone.Im having some tasks to do in my final exam and everything I try seems to fail, can u guys help me please?So, as you see in the image (1), I'm trying to ping, and Servers  from the higher router called ...

High packet drop

Hello Guys,I am facing a high OutDiscards packet on a giga interface connecting my Cisco 2960 SW to ASA Firewall (outside interface) show interfaces gigabitEthernet 1/0/16 counters errorsPort Align-Err FCS-Err Xmit-Err Rcv-Err UnderSize OutDiscardsGi...