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Dear Experts,We have cisco 3845 router , we have facing the problem , we are not able to ping giga0/0 and gig0/1.running IOS : c3845-spservicesk9-mz.124-24.T.bin.i am not able to ping  router gig0/0 port from my pc  ( my pc ip  255.255...

csawest.dc by Participant
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Hi All,We have a 1811 with 2 PPPoE link to the internet. It was running fine with policy route-map on VLAN1 untill yesterday's power outage.After the power outage, it boots up ok. The 2 links to ISP are running fine. But only 1 routed connectiong wor...

Hi,If  one switch has one VTP domain name configured with VTP mode as client. Then without reloading the switch another trunk is formed with another segment of the network. Then if we cahnge the VTP domain name to the new segment VTP domain name and ...

Hello! I am working on switching my WAN carrier, and I have 2 newly installed point to point T1 circuits to test. I am also getting a new Colocated cabinet for the "hub" end of the circuits. My question is, is there a simple way to test that these ar...

We have a Comcast business class cable modem over which we measure 60 MBps download speed via When this is connected to our new Cisco CVS 4000 router, the speed out of the router drops to 20 MBps, measured the same way and with no othe...

charnish by Beginner
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Working on a designfor Interconnecting two sites and providing a DR solution at the same time. What I propose to do is basically announce two /24 blocks of IP space from each site using BGP to two separate providers. The two sites will have an iBGP l...

rfranzke by Beginner
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Hello,HSPR Query- Site 1 has two routers configured with HSRP (one active/other standby)- Site 2 has two routers configured with HSRP (one active/other standby)Both the sites are connected via a cloud. What will happen in following scenarios1. Traffi...

cisco_lite by Beginner
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Hi. I have a Cisco 1801 ADSL router recently installed at a customer site.It suddenly stopped working with ATM0 stuck at initializing. We then installed a test Teldat ADSL router C1+ (using same telephone cable) and that works perfectly.Plug the 1801...

joseamart by Beginner
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Hi,I have 1 ADSL Router where 2 ADSL lines are getting terminated. This ADSL Router is connected to a 2960 L2 switch where ASA Outside Inetrfgace is also getting connected. ASA Inside Interface is connected with 6500 L3 Switch where all users are loc...

acharyr123 by Participant
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Well, the topic is very self explanatory I believe.. I think that this issue is kind of related to WANs. I decided to focus my thesis on this problem for a ISP in my country, I would like to design a system (Point of Presence, Internet Exchange Point...

Hi Folks,  I have design problem for EIGRP. Looking to switch from a Single AS to multiples Autonomous Systems.  What are some gothcas to look out for?  a) have AS for Backbone b) have AS for Each hub Site with Localy connected hub sites  c) have AS ...

rshoker99 by Beginner
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