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BGP Routing Design Considerations

Hi, attached is a diagram of the topology that I am looking to build. A summary of the peering relationships are1. eBGP between R1 and R32. eBGP between R2 and R43. iBGP between R1 and R24. iBGP between R3 and R4The firewalls are acting as active/pas...

vdadlaney by Beginner
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Resolved! ip default-network command

Hi experts,For a long time, I am scratching my head to understand, what for the command “ip default-network” is used. Please refer the link by CISCO which describes the concept. But I feel it is not explained with example.

Point to Point

Hello,On a point to point connection on the serial interface when I do a show service-module I am getting:Transmitter is sending remote alarm.Receiver has loss of signal, loss of frame,Framing is ESF, Line Code is B8ZS, Current clock source is line,D...

angel-moon by Participant
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Resolved! Clearing Reflexive ACL

Hi,Can anyone help me to know how the clear the REFLEXIVE ACLs created during traffic passed thru the Router. Reflexive IP access list SAIRAM permit tcp host eq telnet host eq 21474 (26 matches) (time left 294)I know to...

etisalat ipconnect

hi friends,i have some doubt on routingi am going to get one ipconnect line from my isp(mpls vpn).but my network is like thisinternet--->asa-->router--->to ipconnect modem---> other side modem --->local network..this is informal diagram.what is my ...

zeuscyril by Enthusiast
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Hi,I am interested in deploying GET-VPN. I discovered that I will need to upgrade my IOS platform.We are using 2800 series and 1800 series routers.The result of show version on the cisco 2811 is:cisco ios software, 2800 software {c2800-NM -IPBASE-M},...

tomocisco by Beginner
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QOS Utilization / Voice quality

I had a discussion with my manager today and I wanted to run it by you guys to see your thoughts.We run a Centralized voice environment, we have a site that is setup with LLQ on their edge router, the centralized site also runs LLQ, our provider hono...

dvanzee by Explorer
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Resolved! BGP Help

Hello,Our HQ is connected to branch office with point to point connection but soon will use service provider MPLS cloud. At HQ we use OSPF routing protocol on LAN and BGP will be for MPLs.on Router which is terminating service provider connection for...

ISR 877 - ADSL errors

I have an issue with a Cisco 877 router set up with an ADSL2+ Annex-M link. When the "show dsl interfaces" command is issued, the upstream channel is indicating an incredibly high number of CRC and header errors (32250366 and 10623273 respectively). ...

IP flow egress problem?

I have a 2621 router and trying to configure netflow on the S0/0 interface. However, ip flow egress is not available on this IOS. So i did a search for latest IOS that support this command. unfortunately Cisco does not support an IOS that availabe to...

wonderpug by Beginner
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time-based default-route

hi how can we make time-based default route advertismenti know we have time range ACL, policy-mapredist and so on but how can we make it for example if we have two internet routers and third router connected to both of them we need to make R1 send de...

Resolved! NAT in stick

Hi Experts,I am configuring NAT in stick configuration. I am not comfortable with the logic behind this. Also,I have completely gone thru the CISCO document describing the NAT in stick configuration. Still i donot understandBelow I am explaining the ...