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Resolved! Cisco 2911 IOS 15.7 - Cannot access the router via SSH from the local switch

I have set up SSH on the switch and the router; I can SSH from the router to the switch but not from the switch to the router. Any suggestions?      This is the message I get when trying to SSH to the router   [Connection to aborted: erro...

Need NCS540 Stencil

My customer is in need of stencils for NCS 540. He found for NCS520 and NCS560s.   In his own words: "Getting one of these done for this product will be helpful since we plan on buying a ton of them and have to make a lot of new documentation includi...

Resolved! Change DNS to multiple Client Machines

Hi All,I have a scenario A Cisco 2900 Router connected to InternetA Catalyst Core Switch configured with all VLANsAccess Switches connected to End devices Now the client machines are configured with Local DNS (the DC Address), DNS for Internet. Now s...

techjoe.2 by Beginner
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S-BGP config

I am trying to test a BGP implementation that was designed for security against standard BGP. I have already got RPKI working and wanted something like S-BGP or BGPSec.  I cannot find any configs for these but reading papers on people testing these a...

JLOU1234 by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF On Demand Learning Cisco Course

 I am new in this group and would like to clarify some OSPF basics. I am studying the course ware that I purchased in Cisco for preparation on my upcoming CCNA exam and was confused about the part on Establishing Neighbor Relationship on Point-to-Poi...

Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 8.02.49 PM.png Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 8.09.48 PM.png

Resolved! Nat issue on loopback interface ISR4300

hello, all this is my topology:  R7, R8, and R9 are virtual machines inside the networkand they have a default route to the switch and the switch has a default route to the Router.this Is the routers config:!hostname Router!interface Loopback1no shut...

n.bokhar1 by Beginner
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Router Bridged Interfaces

Hello Group, I have a pair of 4331 ISR routers connected together. Each router is connected to a WAN interface, one active the other standby. I have EIGRP running out of the WAN interface. I want to prefer the active WAN interface, over the standby i...

Cisco NCS 5504 Configuration auto backup

Dear Sir, On IOS platform,  I can use "kron" to execute "show run | redirct tftp" to backup the router configuraiton automatically. May I have you help to check how to backup the  rotuer configuraiton automatically on NCS IOS-XR platform ?      

Resolved! MPLS VPN v4

i am trying to ping from Customer A to Customer B via vpnv4, but it not went success,Lab story:-First i configured OSPF inside the provider network, and make connectivity from one PE to other PE.Second configured MPLS on all internal router inside pr...

feroz syed by Participant
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NTP server using DNS

I have configure a NTP server using a DNS name on a IOS router.But when I boot the device and the DNS server is not available on config load, the IP address doesn't get resolved and never asks the NTP server.Is there any way to force the router to lo...

How to port forward multiple ports?

I have an ASA 5505 and I need to port forward multiple outisde ports to an inside host. I usually do a port forward to a single port with the following, as an example for external access to cameras via cli: object network CAM_8000host x.x.x.200 (IP o...

NMBowser by Beginner
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HTTP access and MPLS

Hello,  I currently have an PTP going from my satellite office to my main office.  All traffic goes through this connection.  I have a new connection coming in in which I would like to route internet traffic out separately.  Currently, traffic all go...