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Finding accurate answers to your questions and issues is always gratifying, but what if these answers are shared globally across different languages? The Cisco Community team has been working on a proof of concept (PoC) to take Accepted Solutions in...

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Kelli Glass by Community Manager
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Hello, I am practising a virtual day school which is soon and one task is to stop any IP address from to from pinging – yet allow all other addresses.   123 is on a loopback with subnet /24.   Here is what I have ...


Hi, I have a site requesting QSFP-100G-2km and QSFP-100G-25-40km optics but I don't see them in the NCS 5001 datasheet. Can someone share a link where it shows the supported optics for the NCS 5001? Thanks

Hey folks, I am working on a VRF task, and I am getting stuck. I see the leak route of on the VRF routing table for Boston, however, I cannot ping it from the Boston VRF table, nor is it being sent across to the Boston router across the link...

grock by Level 1
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Hi,I have 2 locations which are connected through VPN.One is the office with 2 internet lines from 2 different ISP and the second one is the Data center with one internet connections.Both locations the ISP goes to the Firewalls and then to the core S...

Tazio4436 by Level 1
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Hi I've got question about NAT with below configuration on Cisco ASA and Router as well Cisco and ISP   LAB:Inside LAN > CISCO ASA > Cisco Router external > ISP ISP -  public IP bridge modeCisco Router external (outside interface) for WAN public IP :...

I'm trying to do this project and i got the serial wires to work properly, but the cross-over wires are not communicating. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any help is appreciated. I'm on pt 6.2.  I've attached my project file hereif you don't have...

We have 2 isp links bundle and form LAG(config as below). We want traffic secure so we build l2tp on it? As i know l2tp is p2p tunnel so it may not support as there are 2 links. i know l2tpv3 support so, does other tunnel version support as well? Ple...

wchan1 by Level 1
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Hello,   I'm studying for the CCNA, and trying to figure my head around dynamic routing.   The task is to set up 3x autonomous system that uses the protocols ospf and bgp to set up dynamic routing and to share ip routes.    These are the steps i have...

Tom101 by Level 1
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I am an IT student and I'm using network packet tracer; I am trying to set up a simple network with just a router, switch, laptop and pc. when I click on the router and switch to configure them. It pulls up an error for both saying. "All useable tabs...

i have 1 router that have 2 type of routing (static, ripv2) i did "do copy running-config startup-config" and "do write" but when i reopen the file, the rip configuration is empty there is nothing except the static routing... please help

Kavarera by Level 1
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Helloi define subinterface on port Gi1/8.10 VLAN10 and create a trunk on the Switch side.but if connecting any client to Gi0/4 can't ping the FW for any update.ASA5506-x---------interface GigabitEthernet1/1desc ** WAN **nameif out...

Topology below my RTR1 can ping google, facebook, my PC   My PC, and server LOL at the end cannot ping past the f2/0 port of RTR1   I'm asking for suggestions on how to configure a default route on RTR1 so my VPCS and LOL server can ping the internet...

hfakoor222 by Spotlight
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I cannot get any of my VPC'sto pint router R2 I can get them to ping segments attached to R2I want to focus on pinging from PC2 (right side) to R2 EIGRP is configured everywhere, I have connections between PCS, but nothing seems to be getting to R3I ...

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hfakoor222 by Spotlight
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