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I'm a sysadmin tasked with finding a managed service provider or networking contractor to build out our new colo space networking. I'm hoping to get some input to make sure I don't sound like an idiot when contacting them about this, and to make sure...

Hi All, Need advice and suggestion on BGP traffic engineering. Please find the attached topology. Existing Setup details:  DC and Remote location with 2 different MPLS connections ( EBGP MPLS) as shown in topologyRemote branch will reach out DC for I...

Hey fellow engineers, I have 4 X 4221 Cisco routers, all with the same issue. I need to enable the booster licenses on them, but can't seem to get them to play along. Usually its a simple setup. Download the booster license .lic file from the cisco w...

Hi team! community forum delete my previous post concerbed it as "double post"...don know why)My goal is to achieve auto switch to backup ISP YOTA if primary OUTSIDE goes down...1. There are no static routes, does it correct?2. ASA accept only one st...

sSiDs by Beginner
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EOL of ISR4331-B/K9 was announced in 2019. but we are still utilizing ISR4331-DNA with IOS XE SDWAN enabled and HW looks same...

Daemin Ko by Beginner
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Distributed a static route from another router. The router with the problem shows the following, some of the routers are able to install the same routes successfully. Router#sh ip ospf database external Router with ID ( (Process...

kinwai by Beginner
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I have two Cisco C6832-X-LE connected by switch mode virtual. Both switches are currently running 6848x-ipservicesk9-mz.SPA.152-2.SY1.bin and I would like to upgrade them to c6848x-ipservicesk9-mz.SPA.155-1.SY7.bin. What I am look for is the correct ...

atashcraft by Beginner
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I made this topology,The network of R8 can ping to the outside routers,but it Cannot get a IP address via DHCP serveror get out to the other devices via SSH,file and picture is attached -user name Project-Password is 1234 


Hi,I have looked into a couple of older forums which lists different MIBS and OID though which this can be achieved but all those are old OIDs which I cant get it to work on the newer Catalyst 9200L switch or 3650 series.We have a remote switch for w...

NewtoCisco by Beginner
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Hi Folks,I am trying to implement a mechanism which would allow quick routing changes over P2P links having MTU issues. I was thinking of BFD with size of link MTU. I have found RFC draft BFD Encapsulated in Large Packets ( however can't fin...