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hi,My core router 3845 connected to my remote site with E1 links and connected to my internal network with its sub-interfaces. The following is the sub-interfaces configuration.interface GigabitEthernet0/1.1 description *********LAN IPS********** enc...


Helloaccess-list 100 deny tcp any host eq 80*****int fa 0/0 # ip access-group 100 outis it the correct ACL to prevent the specified host from internet.if not, could some one please correcting this.thank you

alaeldien by Beginner
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<p>I have an 1841 with two internet circuits and I'm wanting to configure the circuits for failover.  Is there a way to have the router ping ISP1s default-gateway and if it fails use ISP2s gateway?  Please note that it is imperative I track an IP add...

anowell by Beginner
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Hello,I have to establish several VPN tunnels between different sites, all equipped with the above devices, the RVL is the point, there is one PC behind, that has to download and run an application. I can establish the tunnel with no errors in the lo...

Hello,Is there any downside to using redistribute connected in a full mesh BGP environment, when OSPF is used as the IGP?Reason I need to use redistribute connected is because of the few hundred VLAN interfaces I have on my 6500s, and did not want to...

<p>Hi Experts,</p><p>Looking for a little help with a QoS config. I have a customer connected to an MPLS cloud. they have two sites, and both sites have 10 Mb into the cloud.</p><p>Our Data center has a 100 Mb link into the cloud. We provide internet...

<p>Hello;</p><p>We have two 7206 VXR thats connected  to one isp over two metro ethernet lines.</p><p>One of them use 30mbit the other one is 50 mbit. We use bgp in our environment to connect internet.</p><p>We configure route-maps.</p><p>For example...

Hi All, I have client with 2 ISPs/Dual routers. ISP-A :10Meg & ISP-B : T1 Local public IP space advertised to ISPA & ISPB via EBGP (with ISP-B : via AS-Prepend). LAN side of the routers has HSRP config to have ISP-A Connected router as Primary and IB...

fortis123 by Beginner
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Hello AllSmall confusion here.. I have two routers with identical configs of eigrp.. The idea here is to advertise a static route connected to the core routers. We are now trying to advertise the supernet of the static segment with the following comm...

sachinraja by Engager
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<p><br />I am trying to figure out what would be the best way to provide redundant Internet access across two sites running BGP full routing tables at the edge and OSPF between the sites. My main goal is to be able to have fail-over to the other site...

tomek0001 by Enthusiast
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