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Resolved! Packet Tracer Help

%IPPHONE-6-REG_ALARM: 24: Name=SEP001D452D50BD Load= SCCP41.8-3-3SR2S Last=Phone-Reg-Rej   My 2811 Router prints this error message in the CLI as if in an infinite loop. I haven't been able to find much about this error, and and I'm not sure how to f...

cw0110 by Beginner
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So I have a BDI on an ASR, and it is a /24. Let's call it I have an ASA connected it to it and its outside IP is   I want to advertise to my ISP via BGP and not the whole /24. How do I accomplish this?  ...

Ozan1 by Beginner
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Hi,   I'm trying to understand concept in used in Leaf and Spine topology.   My underlay network is OSPF and all switches has successfull OSPF relationship.   To make node advertisement more dynamic as possible I'm going to use BGP to advertize MAC l...

Hopefully this is just a quick and easy question for someone, but I just can't seem to find a definitive answer to this anywhere:If I have a router configured to receive NTP updates from an internal Windows server and then apply 'ntp disable' on the ...

AdeyC by Beginner
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The problem . Configuration :   Router1---->LAN1(switch1)--->DNS ServerRouter2---->LAN1(switch1--same switch)--->DNS Server   Considering that: Router1 is inside the vlan 1  DNS Server is inside the vlan 1 Router 2 is in...

Frank27 by Beginner
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I have been try to set up inter VLAN as part of a university class using a Layer 3 switch and i am unsure what exactly is missing.I have 3 Layer 2 switches with their own VLAN each.MAN_PC_Block_1 - VLAN 10MAN_PC_Block_2 - VLAN 20MAN_PC_Block_3 - VLAN...

Lee_Mo by Beginner
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Hello Everyone.I have bought 2 cisco 2600 routers. Got them connected with cross over cable, configured the interfaces on both sides and get no ping getting from one side to the other? Can anyone tell me why,please? IP adresses for both connected int...

witek77 by Beginner
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We have a Cat9500 we are using as a intermittent switch for public ISP access to take advantage of the 10 Gig linkups.  The switch is not to be part of our internal network other than the Management interface for configurations.  My concern is how to...

broow by Beginner
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On a C1117-4PMLTEEA router, running IOS XE 16.9.8, is anyone able to advise how exactly the selection process works, when Radio Access Technology(RAT) Preference is set to AUTO? Looking for low level packet-by-packet details only please.

Saint by Beginner
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