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Hi all,We have links to two differnt ISPs. We recieve partial routing entries and default from both, however only one default route appears in the routing table. This is a problem for us as large amounts of traffic are still using the default route, ...

jigsaw2026 by Beginner
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I get an error %USB_HOST_STACK-3-USB_FLASH_READY_TEST_FAILED : USB flash failed to pass 'Ready' test when I connect a 2gig usb drive to a router with version 12.4(11)T4.Can anyone suggest any remedy?

Hi all I have cisco 1841 router with hwic-2shdsl card. IOS c1841-advipservicesk9-mz.124-15.T3.binI need to connect Zyxel IES-1000+SAM1008 in mode 4wired.Config on Cisco:controller SHDSL 0/0/0 dsl-group 0 pairs 0, 1 shdsl annex B shdsl rate autoCon...

georgd by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF problem

Hello,I have recently started in networking department in my company. I am attaching 2 txt files, one with sh run output , second with sh ip route output. Interfaces s0/0/0 and s0/1/0 are connected to 2xT1 to the other site of the company. The config...

rvr_76bg by Beginner
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Hi,I have a Firewall,whose Outside interface is connected to a ISP with a Public IP address,now I want to protect this Outside interface.How can I do this?Basically it is like a Hardening the Firewall or a Router which is directly exposed to global n...

Lavanholy by Beginner
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I entered the following 2 commands, there is no input error on atm 0/0/0, only 92 crc, but there are lot of crc error on sh dsl atm 0/0/0, are these layer 1 or layer 2 error?router#sh int atm 0/0/0ATM0/0/0 is up, line protocol is up Queueing strateg...

Hi,I have a fast ethernet link to our ISP box. Our guranteed service is only 30Mbps.What is the best way to configure our fast ethernet interface to limit traffic to 30Mbps?Thanks,

Hi,I have just got one of these and unsure how to configure it. I have 8 useable IPs from my ISP and behind the router will be a Cisco ASA 5505. One of my public IPs is configured on the external interface of the ASA. Therefore, what I want is for...

uxbod1971 by Beginner
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Dear experts,I compleeted my ccna iam intersting in going for security .plz give me the suggssion i compleetd ccna ofter this what is the best.Regardssrini

what other solution I can do to use my frame relay switch router to remote other connected routers. I have two routers connected to this frame switch using back-to-back serial connector. My understanding is that frame switch is transparent to other r...

Here is my situation: - have MPLS Network with 6 locations - main router ( ASA 5510From the main router I can ping all other routers, None of the other routers can ping the main router. But all of the other routers can ping each other.I tri...

dukeminus by Beginner
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