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Resolved! OSPF + 2 equal Cost Links + Video Conferencing

We have just installed a new T1 at a location specifically for video conferencing.Currently the router at the site has 2 ethernet interfaces. 1 for the data network, and 1 specifically for the video conferencing network.The router also now has 2 T1'...

aprather by Beginner
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MQC Police Action

Dose anyone know if it is possible to use multiple actions in a policy-map when policing?It is possible to configure but I?m not sure if it worksThe configuration:policy-map FR-POLICE class class-default police cir 128000 conform-action transmit...

jahilnt10 by Beginner
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CRC's question

Is there a way to put in the router log the date and time when a CRC appears in an interface?for example: I cleared the counters and one day after I see that there are 10 CRC's in the interface.How can I know at what time the CRC appeared?Regards and...

Router lab question. Please help..

Hello All,I have 3 3600's at home all with T1-wic dsu cards (one router has two wics). I know that I can connect all of these routers to each other using a T1 crossover, my question is: Since I am preparing for the CCNA, then CCNP, can this set-up be...

CEF ip accounting type function?

I am looking for the TopN traffic through a router. Normally I would use IP accounting, but this is not accurate in a router running CEF. What command would I use to show traffic statistics on a CEF based router?

ealt3 by Beginner
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Load-Balance on 76XX routers

Hi!I have 3 E1 circuits connected from 7613 Router to 3640. I?m trying to configure load-balance to share these circuits (by OSPF), but, I have no success. Look the sh ip route and ospf below:sh ip route vrf vrf_name ospfO E2 [110/20] via ...

mlwiziack by Beginner
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overrun on 7206 and gigethernet

hi,my problem is, that i have overruns on one of the gigabitint on 7206 router.the util of the gigabitint is in average "only" 10mb/s:mplsrbgope01#sh int gig0/1GigabitEthernet0/1 is up, line protocol is up Hardware is BCM1250 Internal MAC, address ...

rabeder by Beginner
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Hi,We add the ACL on the route for ftp service but we can login, we cannot "ls" or "dir". is it something missing? please adviceaccess-list 150 permit tcp any eq ftp host 202.x.x.xaccess-list 150 permit tcp any eq ftp-data host 202.x.x.x access-list ...

leungcm by Beginner
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cbac debugging

HI Guys,How can I know why CBAC drops a packet. For example, the log I recieve for a dropped packet is .Jul 30 11:42:01: %FW-6-DROP_PKT: Dropping tcp pkt => addresses have been changed)How can I know why this ...

EIGRP and BGP mutual redistribution.

I am doing mutual redistribution with the following:router eigrp 10redistribute bgp 64586 metric 155000 10 255 1 4470 route-map bgp-to-eigrpnetwork! redist bgp routes with route-map and metricrouter bgp 64586no synchronizationb...

bofawcett by Beginner
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PPP Multilink on a 7304

Has anyone had any success bonding multiple T1s on a 7304? I have a PA-MC-2T3+ and am attempting to bond 2 T1s together using the same configuration that i've had success with on my 3845s. When I place the T1s on the 7304 in the multilink group, I d...

btrice by Beginner
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bandwidth assignement with CBWFQ

I'm using CBWFQ as scheduling algorithm.I created 2 trafic class and I applied bandwidth assignement. My interface is an 10Mbit/s FastEthernet and when I apply bandwidth assignement , Cisco router write me I have only 7,5 Mbit/s as available bandwidt...

Djule2804 by Beginner
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