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hi  we have got C1111-8PLTELA with ipbase and security license. the firmware which was with the router supported only smart license. because of that we downgraded to c1100-universalk9_ias.16.09.02.SPA.bin. when we check show license, i can see securi...

nareh84 by Participant
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What is the difference between the modules in the ARS 1000 series?EPA, like existing Built-In ports, L3, IPsec ...Is more function available?

Questions by Beginner
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I have a need for multiple BGP AS instances on the same 2611 router. Does Cisco support this type of BGP deployment? OR Is there another way to handle multiple BGP AS connections on the same router? Thanks.

mibritzman by Beginner
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Hello guys,Here we have a small scenario you might be interested to participate in: Imagine we have 2 MLS with a number of SVI on each. SW1:       SVI:             VLAN 100:             VLAN 110:             VLAN 50 ...

salemmahara by Participant
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Resolved! Route 920 series

Hello, We are getting below logs from my router, Kindly confirm why its generated. model : ASR-920-10SZ-PD   005879: Nov 25 08:24:13.338 IST: %IPV6_ND-4-LOOPBACK: Looped back NS(DAD) packet detected for FE80::72DB:98FF:FE4E:94BF on BDI355

Hello We are in the process of migrating off our old 3750 core switches and onto Nexus 3ks. Currently, all of our Layer 3 networks are on the 3750s, there is a trunk between the 3750s and N3Ks and our rack switches are connected to the N3Ks. So Layer...

aok by Beginner
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Any suggestions what the cause of these intermittent log messages is:%IOSXE_INFRA-5-PUNT_SVC_INVALID_OPT_PKT: Invalid IPv4 options packet punted to RP Hw: Cisco Catalyst C9500-48Y4C  switch.Sw: 16.12.3 Log: the messages appear randomly, about 1x - 5x...

Emir by Beginner
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Dears,  please help me to configure this settings on Cisco Router 881 Model:  Port: G 0 /9 accessusername: password: 569277 DNS 1: 2: please need your help 

A7M by Beginner
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I've got a couple of expect lines to log onto a cisco router and issue the show arp command. I then exit the router, having stored the data into the variable myARP (myARP=child.before)When I then try and loop over the object (for lines in myARP: prin...

I am working on a school project in packet tracer and having some difficulty getting everything working properly. This is going to be a network design for 5 floor building. I am using EIGRP and wanted to create a different AS network for each floor t...

Hello, we have an ASR1002 router that's configured as pppoe server (with radius).clients connect with pppoe to our ASR and get public ip addresses.they all can reach the internet, however they all say that they cannot establish pptp sessions from the...

netrunner by Beginner
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Hi, I am new in redistrution. I have configured the routers. I can see OSPF routes into BGP. However not able to see the BGP router in OSPF as external route. Kindly suggest me how should I configure to get it. Topology: Attached. R1:R1#sh run | s r ...