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An 1841 or an 800 series to do failover?

I have an 1841 doing failover. Primary connection is static DSL and secondary connection is cable. The router fails over smoothly to the cable connection every time dsl goes down. Then it goes back to normal once dsl is up again.What I need is to be ...

insccisco by Beginner
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Hello!i have 2 wirless(1000M;100M) Link Connected to the HO.The routing protocol is EIGRP.if i advertised the 2 network like this.router EIGRP 100NETWORK what is happen if i don't include the V...

alsayed by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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pix and access for devices

Hi All,I asked something similar to this a while back, but need a little more help.I currently have the following:internet-->router-->pix-->networkI need to move to the following:internet-->router-->pix-->web filter-->networkI am doing this via the w...

rhltechie by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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Resolved! Embedded Event Manager TCL Script

Hi,I am looking for a TCL script which looks for a syslog message, then takes a particular action.In my case, I'm watching for an E1 controller to go down (which produces a syslog message), then do something like unshut another interface.Has any one ...

Advice on network design.

I have a design question which I'd like some advice on. I have a router sitting at a hospital. This router has to connect to two different office suites via fiber. Both suites connect in the same closet and the fiber to the router is a few blocks ...

jfinley by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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help needed with multihomed NAT

I trying to configure Cisco's 1841 router acting as gateway with NAT. I have two ISPs and each of them gives me one IP. Now I need to configure inside web and DNS servers to be accessible from outside via both ISPs addresses.I think it is possible t...

tohim by Beginner
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DSL modem is slow with 831, ok with PC connected

This one is driving me crazy and have a TAC case on it, just have not heard back on it yet. I can only get 1.5 mbps with 831 router connected to dsl modem, but get 3 mbps or better with PC connected to same modem, has anyone seen this before? Have tr...

wcon by Beginner
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WAN Load Balancing with 2 ISP

Hi All,i have two isp connected to my router, i have Multiple Nat pools using route is my router configip nat inside source route-map Nat interface Dialer1 overloadip nat inside source route-map Nat1 interface Dialer2 overload!route-map Nat...

Resolved! static route

Good Day!i have brought 2 layer 3 switch.i just need to test 2 static can i connect the 2 switch?via 2 crossover cable?how can i implement this Scenario.what is the configuration at both side?some have a link similar to my scenario.10xs for...

alsayed by Beginner
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ip dhcp

I have a wireless modem & I connect it to e1/1 of 2610xm router . this modem give the dhcp address but I the e1/1 of router does not receive ip dhcp .how can I set dhcp on this interface to take dhcp address automatically.thanks

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