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I have two primary windows domain controllers with separate ip addresses. I would like one to act as a primary DNS and the other secondary. How do i get my cisco router to dynamically assign the the two windows DNS server ip addresses to all clients ...

Resolved! DHCP

Good day,I have a windows domain controller that has the DHCP role installed. The DHCP role issues out IP addresses,. I would now like like the cisco router to issue out IP addresses to clients within my domain. What is the process of setting this up...

Dear Techies, Cisco Router 841 is in continuous loop of the following:- Readonly ROMMON initializedPASSWORD RECOVERY FUNCTIONALITY IS DISABLEDloadprog: bad file magic number: 0x0boot: cannot load "flash:"System Bootstrap, Version 15.5(1r)T1, RELEASE ...

Greetings, I am currently dealing with an issue that I've been working with TAC on (best effort support unfortunately) and the issue is still ongoing. The symptom is a slow upload - ranging from near normal rate (~40 Mbps) to single digits. I cannot ...

Clutz5250 by Level 1
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Hello all. I am still beginner on cisco configuration and networking. I managed a labs network and should include a Cisco C1111-8p inside. My management is limited to a Firewall and different switch. Thanks to balaji.bandi and Giuseppe Larosa, I have...

Laurentfr_1-1634292045934.png Laurentfr_2-1634292045936.png

Hi everyone, I always appreciate the support of Cisco community. We need to connect the networks with the same network address to L3 switch (Catalyst 9300) to communicate with the destination server. Also, the communication between Network A and B mu...

Connection1.JPG Connection2.JPG

I have ASR1006X and replaced the ASR-1000-MIP100 card. I reinserted the EPA 18X1GE and 18X10GE modules.The card shows online but has the operational status of each module as missing. I have tried shutting and no shutting the ports and reseating the m...

freemanj1 by Level 1
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Hello, we can find the below two ios in Cisco download web site. The second one is with "NO PAYLOAD ENCRYPTION".  When we upgrade ios, what different additional action do we need to do for first one or second one as it notes "NO PAYLOAD ENCRYPTION"? ...

Leftz by Level 4
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Hi Friends,I found following connectivity between vManage and vBond  in my SD WAN Home Lab.   Please help me to understand why only one connection shows correct peer IP address in vBond and all others shows very much for your support