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Have been studying for my CCNA and got some equipment to help me out (I actually have 2 of each but am only using 1 as I am networking my room as I study) I can ping the Computer from the router but there is no internet activityUsing my wifi off my F...

WVerga by Beginner
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Hi,In our organization we have hub to spoke connectivity.But now we have one application install at one spoke which need to access from other spoke location.So kindly suggest how to achive this . 

Hello everyone I want to use separate vlans for departments in my office.So for example,I have 2 vlan 36,37 of subnets and, I have made 2 dhcp pools for vlans/subnets.Users are getting IP of their respective vlans but they a...

Hi All,   I've got an issue on which I'm running out of ideas. Can anyone offer me any advice / point me in the right direction?   I have recently switched broadband providers. I have a VDSL service from talktalk business (prev talk talk consumer) an...

twhittle1 by Beginner
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Hi everybodyI hope all my old pals ( no pun intended :) are doing fine.  Today at work I encountered a strange issue, one of customer opened a ticket for BGP flapping.It was only when I  match the MTU of CE on PE router did  bgp stabilize I asked of ...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Hi all,I have a question. Is it possible to do QoS on internet facing router(using ISR router for example), especially for download?I had a case with user that they want to guaranteed minimal bandwidth for Teams/Webex/Zoom application, because they o...

dchochan by Beginner
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We currently have two Cisco 1841 routers in two different locations, connected via site-to-site vpn. In one of our locations we just changed ISP, however how do I go about updating the running configs? My thoughts are to edit the config of the locati...

Hello, I am using the DNS sinkhole option to enforce google, bing and youtube safe search.  This is working well. However there seem to be some google services that don't work when you use the recommended google safe search dns server: https://suppor...