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Hi All,            One question thats seems to get so many diferent and contradicting anwers , I am confused too , while if we were apply the OSI layer theory, that every layer uses the layer below it to be able to complete the end to end transmissio...

I am running 2 VRF's between a CE and PE*VRF's name: DATA and SECURITY*In the PE - I do route leaking (Importing the routes in each VRF).*In the CE, I expected the DATA routes in the SECURITY table and I expected the SECURITY routed in the DATA table...

mediaos718 by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF cost on SVI

Say I have a 20Gbps L2 Port-Channel (2 x 10Gbps member) and I want to run OSPF peering using SVI on top of the Port-channel. Does OSPF calculate the cost based on 10Gbps, 20Gbps OR SVI as 1Gbps? I did set the reference bandwidth as 10G. When I check ...

m1xed0s by Contributor
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Hello everyone,I'm learning the ropes of networking with packet tracer and I need a little help.Here the sample network I've been working on.I have a LAN with some VLANs connected to a router on a stick, cisco 2811. No problems on this end.That route...

Morgan71 by Beginner
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We had a crash and restart on the 7513. After the router was restarted, some static routes were dissapear so we had to use a backup config to get that routes again. I see in the logging probably a PS is failing, but there are lot of more messages. An...

carl.arce by Beginner
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Hi all, I'm currently experiencing Network Problems between two Datacenters which i can't make sense of. I banged my head for days on this.  About the Setup: Datacenter in Germany has a Cisco ASA 5525-X (, US Datacenter has a Cisco ASA 5516-...

Hi all , I'm a litle bit lost regarding bridging vlan on my router ASR1111 (IOS-XE, no more IRB support).I have read about BDI, and i'm trying the get a grasp of it. The point is I would like to bridge vlan through my router on specific interfaces fo...

Bob_Rock by Beginner
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Can anyone help find some documentation on some bgpsec configuration. Struggling to find proper documentation to help with syntax etc with bgpsec config on CISCO routers.  Any help appreciated have looked all about the internet but can't find anythin...

JLOU1234 by Beginner
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HiI built an EEM menu into my routers to expedite results.  Currently -below- is my IPSec MENU. This EEM script is 4+ pages long and thus would like to modularize the menu into separate modules for ease of updates and any EEM troubleshooting. In my a...

fsebera by Enthusiast
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Can anyone help me to find some examples or lab books which include bgpsec AND bgp with rpki. I have searched the internet and cannot find anything to help me start my experiments for my dissertation.  Any help is appreciated, finding loads of inform...

JLOU1234 by Beginner
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We have added an IP security camera at our office that can be viewed from the outside on a mobile device.  I'm not comfortable leaving this up for too long without some type of separation from our office network LAN. What would be the best way to onl...

getRdone by Beginner
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