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Dear All,Is it possible to traffic shape Frame Relay PVCs that are switched between interfaces.I have a router with Frame Relay PVCs that bother terminate on an interface and others taht are switched throughto another interface. We have shaped the PV...

tsalt by Level 1
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A Chairde, Have 7609 with IOS IOS (tm) s72033_rp Software (s72033_rp-PSV-M), Version 12.2(17d)SXB5 on it. Am trying to setup BGP Graceful Restart , but option not available in ROUTER BGP layer. Prereq. IOS is 12.2(15)T , Link...

crumdub12 by Level 1
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I have read in about required power supply for Sup720-PFC3BXL, but I don't know exactly I should use which Power Supply( 2500W, 30...

I need to find out if the 1711 and 1721 routers can be setup with a secondary VPN tunnel (or crypto map) Right now they are all programmed with the crypto map that points to our current IP address of the firewall. When we move in 5 weeks, we will ha...

HiWe're looking at migrating off of frame relay to ATT's IP Frame service. I'm just starting to think about what this will mean for our core router configuration. Currently, there are subinterfaces and dlci's for each branch. I assume these will g...

hellosuppose i have a local router.i want to make it as a dhcp server.however, i don't want to use a local dhcp pool in the router.i hope if the router will relay the dhcp request to a radius server!!! this later will autenticate the user then give h...

We have a client with a DSL connection, static addresses w/DSL router, and a Road Runner connection, dynamic address with cable modem. They would like a solution that would provide firewall protection with the ablility to use both Internet connectio...

ereinoehl by Level 1
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Hi all, Pls look in to the following scenario. A router having 2 fastethernet ports ,both in the same subnet,say are connected to these ports.One P.C want to send packets to the other P.C .My question is how does the router ...

amms68958 by Level 1
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Dear All,Can I use a Channelized E-1 Card (in Cisco 7204VXR) for providing dial up(PSTN ) Connection to remote end?The setup will be placed in the service provider end.I will be using a DB-15 to RJ-45 Connector to connect the channelized E-1 port to...

ayram23 by Level 1
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Hi alli have a problem in 4006 that switch i have 2 RJ-45 modules.suddenly one day, some ports are not working.i think 3 ports in one module and 2 ports in another module.i removed the cables from all these ports and tested but its not givi...

Hello,Rebooted a 2501 series router and it the config will not come up and I cannot get into this box via the console either...Does anyone know how I can get this box back to the basic config? It comes ups and reads the system info but then locks up...

hornbeck by Level 1
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Hi,While creating a user and giving a level 7 password on the cisco 3745 Router, its showing the following error:Invalid encrypted password: ciscoBut if I give it level 0 password which is unencrypted level, it takes it successfully. "service passwor...

Dear sir,Please tell me, what is the significance of iBGP.Regards,Ashu

tushar47 by Level 1
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