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Resolved! Multcasting Configuraiton Migration

Hello, We are migrating two NX7Ks, which are configured in a vPC domain, to two new C9606 using StackWise Virtual Link (SVL).Currently, the configuration of multicasting is that we are using each NX7K (NX7K_A & NX7K_B) as two RPs (Rendezvous Points) ...

zekebashi by Enthusiast
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BGP not coming up

 I am looking for some guidance related to bgp configuration, We currently have two routers which are using the same AS number to build neighbor with the headend router via ipsec tunnel built over broad band link. I see the bgp is up only for one of ...

Resolved! BGP route error in Routing table

From the R1 cannot ping to R3's loopback although R1 have the route in routing table. And then R4 also cannot ping to R2's loopback and R4 have no route in routing table for them. When I check R4 bgp table it show: r i 192.168...

port forwarding

 hello i need help pls  I have windows server located in the school  on my privet lan and i want to connect this server from my house via remote desktop function the External port number is 10015 its alredy opend inde router internal port 3398 Bublic...

Burst period limits

Does Cisco implement certain limits to the burst size in relation to the CIR. I'm looking at a config for a customer and they basically have a burst-size value that's based on a burst period longer than an hour.For example, having a policer with a 10...

Upgrading LTE modem on 4331

Hello, I am not able to figure out how to get this command to work on the router.  I have done this upgrade on 809, and IR1101 but this is the first time doing it on a 4431 (version 16.4.2).  I have the new modem firmware in the new2kmtu folder.  I k...


So currently I have an ASA that's connected my ISR in which is connected to the switch, I would like to remove the ISR completely and just use the firewall attached to the Switch but I cannot figure out where I can configure VLANS on my ASA5510 Firew...