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Resolved! Routing and switching

Hello everyone here i configured ospf multi-area here my question i couldn't see network on R1 routing table. here all mu configuration, i done i few steps especially ospf virtual link anyway from R1 i couldn't ping R3 subnet ...

Mlex1 by Participant
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Resolved! WLC above VRF

Hi we would like to setup WLC above VRF . is possible with design below ? if we put DHCP in WLC, can it reach laptop ? Thanks you Dedi   

dyunanda by Beginner
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My C1111-8P router cant connect internet

My C1111-8P has a Modem connected to Wan0 (g0/0/0) and a local PC connected to Lan1 (g0/1/1). I have other routers connected to this modem, and the network access is normal. I don't understand why my PC can't access the network, nor can I ping the ex...

598079446_2-1666093039561.png 598079446_3-1666093052105.png
Smile丶 by Beginner
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IP static nat

Hi all.I have a Cisco ISR4221 Router with a public IP address for internet on Gi0/0/0 and LAN is connected on Gi0/0/1. I also have a second public IP address subnet that is configured as a sub-interface GI0/0/0.100 which has a static NAT for a web se...


Hi There are some videos and some websites say that the function of Area border router (ARB) is to 1-maintain an LSDB 2- Summarizes LSA Same as Designated Router if so what is the difference between ARB and Designated Router if both do the same thing...

Adam373 by Beginner
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%CDP-4-DUPLEX_MISMATCH: duplex mismatch discovered on FastEthernet0/0 (not full duplex) between Router and switch

On RouterrAWKRdae01 uptime is 1 day, 23 hours, 47 minutesSystem returned to ROM by power-onSystem restarted at 06:13:17 GMT Wed Aug 13 2014System image file is "flash:c2800nm-advipservicesk9-mz.124-15.T9.bin" interface FastEthernet0/0 no ip address d...

Sagar Patil by Cisco Employee
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Cisco ASA 5506-X to Wireless Router

HII'm trying to connect my ASA-5506X to a wireless router. ISP is Verizon FIOSISP > core switch 1 > ASA-5506-X using static ISP IP # 1 > Cisco RV130W router for Prod WIFI = no internet ISP > core switch 1 > Verizon wireless router using static ISP IP...

Vic497 by Beginner
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ASR 1006 Redundancy Mode

Hi,I've just taken over administering some ASR 1006's and after adding them to our monitoring it's flagging up that the redundancy is currently configured mode SSO but operational mode is non redundant. We run two of them independently with BGP and V...

MP13 by Beginner
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ASR1004 RP1

Hi Experts, We are planning for ASR 1004 RP1 upgrade activity running in ACTIVE/STANBY units ( two ASRs ), with application redundancy. My question, if I upgrade STANBY unit first and move the traffic to STANBY unit and then upgrade  ACTIVE unit , st...