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My starting point:Virtual Router: Catalyst 8000v [ license boot level network-essentials addon dna-essentials ]Hypervisor: VMWare ESXi Version 7.0.xvNIC: VMXNET3 I would like to use Ethernet flow point (EFB) style configuration on a Cat 8000v virtua...

bcerny by Level 1
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I didn't really want to re-post this..  but I am kind of stuck.  I have several access points that handle different VLANs, for different equipment, to keep them separated.  On the  router and switch I basically copied and edited the entries for a new...

roncro by Level 3
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Hello Community!We have cisco router C8500L-8S4X that has NTP server configured but router ntp unsynchronized:RTR02#show ntp statusClock is unsynchronized, stratum 16, no reference clocknominal freq is 250.0000 Hz, actual freq is 250.0000 Hz, precisi...

Hi all,I have been dealing with this problem for more than a week now, i have been able to get through config and all other things except one i.e applying extended ACL. I have tried doing it several time, the syntax seems to be okay and so do the con...

Iseeyou by Level 1
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hi,i've applied this netflow config in our NCS 540 IOS-XR router which is an MPLS P router.i checked in our netflow analyzer there's only 2-way/point-to-point traffic/OSPF between this router and another P router also an NCS 540 via the G0/0/0/19 lin...

Hello Experts,Should I use the packet tracer to complete this project?  webserver should be reachable from outside interface.    

ankitohc by Spotlight
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I know there are lots of articles out there, but I could not find a definative answer on this.We need to run DMVPN, EIGRP and Zonebased FW on our routers.Do we need DNA essentials or advantage for this ?

Hi i need some help. i can ping BLUE and PINK together but i can't ping PINK to YELLOW or BLUE to YELLOW. seems like there's a problem with my router connection? but i'm unable to find the problem. help are very much appreciated  

yuyuuuu by Level 1
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I have a IR829GW that's stuck in a boot cycle before this it was erasing and reloading the biosAny help to get the router out of this boot cycle would be greatly appreciatedIR829 Loader Stage 1 Version 1.4FPGA version Reset reason: CPU reset buttonBI...

kdennis by Level 1
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Hello Everone Couple of days back I just issue a CMD erase flash on my router to  remove old IOS so I can install new IOS & then the problem started. I tried to install new IOS via XMODEM & then after via TFTP dnld both ended with an error. So i stu...

Sabby0115 by Level 1
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Hello Community, lately I did erease the nvram, and my cisco router failed to boot, and even I can't go to romon to boot using usb or TFTP ?  Resetting ....... Rom image verified correctly System Bootstrap, Version 17.5(1r), RELEASE SOFTWARE Copy...

Nenday by Level 1
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Dear Community,In large enterprise networks design, I see routers named Partner router for p2p links connections that come to the enterprise  and Internet router for internet services purely. Why is it common to separate partner connectivity services...

Isaac001 by Level 1
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    My team and I are discussing the purchase of the C8300-2N2S-4T2X and one of our engineers configured it with the following NIMs:                    - C-SM-NIM-ADPT x 1                 - NIM-4FXO x 1                 - NIM-PVDM-256 x 1             ...

ZK916 by Level 1
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