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Hello, I have attached a diagram and would like to get an advice regarding of the best practice configuration scenario.Will it work properly if R1 is peered with R3 and R2 across the same subnet? What if I would filter on R3 some received network(e.g...

I have a test lab environment at home. I have one Cisco 1841 router and a Zyxel Zywall USG 20.The Zywall connects to my ISP. The Cisco router is behind that.  The Zywall is on the network ( Router setup:-fa0/0 25...

I am little confused about using the exact RegEx for route filtering.   here is the BGP topology   R1(IDMZ)---------ebgp 64000------FIREWALL-----ibgp 64600-----R2(EDMZ)   R1 is sending default to R2 and receiving only R2 Local and its connected AS ro...

nikgupt4 by Cisco Employee
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hi,just a sanity check here. we currently have a dual ISP link/router to a single ISP and the setup is via HSRP (with static default route to ISP hop). plan is to migrate to BGP with IPv4/v6 dual stack.we would like to do some POC and pre-configure t...

Hello,We have an ASR9006 in the heart of the network which supports 4 eBGP links to 4 different transits with each a fullview.Our 4 transits are very substantially identical at the AS-Path level of the routes, and therefore, in upload, only the last ...

Channels by Beginner
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Resolved! NAT question

So as I study for the CCNA, I set up a Cisco router behind my Ubiquiti home router that is connected to my DSL modem.  After I configured the interfaces and default route, I was able to get out to the Internet from the router, but I could not reach t...

leoingle by Beginner
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Hello Everyone,im practising MP-BGP on GNS3 and i configured everything.PE1 routing table============sh ip route vrf co1Routing Table: co1Codes: C - connected, S - static, R - RIP, M - mobile, B - BGPD - EIGRP, EX - EIGRP external, O - OSPF, IA - OSP...

3amona by Beginner
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nexus 7000Himy customer want to buy M3 module to extend 10G interface, the original Nexus 7000 have m2xl module, when i create new vdc and change moudle-type to m2xl m3, then allocate interface (m2), it show me some error message switch(config-vdc)# ...

tyllin by Beginner
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Resolved! ROAS Help

I am trying to create a ROAS in Packet Tracer and have come up to a wall.  In the attached file I can not ping the hosts of one VLAN to the other.  I can ping hosts on the same VLAN and the gateway.  I am really new at this and any help will be appre...

Resolved! GRE Tunnel

Good Day, In what scenario would you ever configure just a GRE tunnel between Branches without IPSEC (encryption)? Regards,  

Hello Everyone,I have an assignment to do but due few confusion I couldn't do it properly. Can somebody help me to Finalize this topology. I have designed the topology and provided some information about my requirement. Thanks in advance,  

khalid731 by Beginner
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    please helpi need to go to vrf internet from global routing table in R6 need to ping from R6 ???????????  R1!ip vrf Internetrd 65:65!interface FastEthernet0/0ip address!interface FastEthernet1/0no ip address!int...