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This is my first post so go easy on this "stupid-question alert" one :) I have a router setup behind an ISP router. My router gets a DHCP address on this side fine, is NAT'ed fine and if I attach a PC it is handing out it's own IPs from it's DHCP poo...

sz_danii by Beginner
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Hello Everybody, I was looking for this Event on a Cisco 385012XS -E, but i can't find a Bug belongs to this switch. I found a bug to the ASR1000. Somebody can help me with this? have you seen something like this on this platform? %IOSXE-2-PLATFORM: ...

We have 10+ 887 Routers that will drop SNMP packets every hour for exactly 5 minutes.Every hour of the day between times ??:25 and ??:30, all of these Routers will drop SNMP packetsWe have over 50 in the estate but none of the others are affected. We...

Jacke0001 by Beginner
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HI team,            We required  VRF configuration document/example for ISR 4221 Router, accordingly whether required any additional license required for VRF configuration on ISR 4221 or specific firmware version required for VRF configuration on ISR...

After reading various posts I created a dual wan connection which seems to work. The two internet connections are: Fas0/1 (link 1) and Fas0/0.51 (link 2). (Fas0/0.20 is the local network connection.) The script is below and the two ip route statement...

Hi Experts,I've inherited a configuration - two L3 switches, across sites, spanning a VLAN. One switch has a SVI provisioned and is participating in EIGRP, the but the other doesn't. Each switch is connected to different upstream L3 switches; and dow...

AlexFer by Beginner
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I have a router presently that is evidently not powerful enough to meet my needs. I have about a dozen static NATs set up, each with a half dozen to a dozen port forwarding rules. With my current router, making changes to the static NAT configuration...

wli3 by Beginner
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Hi, everyone   I compared two outputs between ASR9K 6.2.3 and ASR9k 5.3.3 by command [show l2vpn forwarding bridge-domain mac-address detail location -] and find slight difference.   output from 5.3.3 RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:PE1#show l2vpn forwarding bridge-d...

LEO HOU by Cisco Employee
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This is a continuation of this post...So we have deployed into the colo this last weekend and everything is operational... mostly...I have a stack of IPs for the equipment in the rack and I have assigned them to the router's gi0/0/0 port (as secondar...

rudepeople by Beginner
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We installed an ISR4321k9 in a colo today and the guy doing the physical install was informed we were given a redundant network connection, so clickclick, we're connected to two WAN ports!Trouble is, they only gave us a /28 subnet with addresses "172...