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Resolved! IP Accounting equivalent on IOS-XR

Hi I am getting unwanted  link utilization on one of the  ASR  router . To identify   the source , need to configure  ip accounting  on ASR 9k , please suggest   ip accounting   equivalent   on ios-xr and  how can it be configured .

Cisco 2921 VLAN configuration

We have one vlan configured on cisco 2921 router , VLAN 50.  There are five interfaces on VLAN50 (IP on this vlan is Gateway) . Fa0/2 to Fa0/6. Now I want to move one of the server that is connected to Fa0/6 to Nexus switch. So after we move it to ne...

Reachibility BGP received route

Hello,    I have 2 ISPs,  one primary and one secondary. I have two routers on my site and both have BGP with different ISPs, and between them, there is iBGP.   ISP1                ISP2  |                       | BGP                 BGP  |           ...

Jaro by Beginner
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I saw LOF  detected and test with loopback the cards seems good, so is this issue with Telco or what else do I need to check?  Dec 6 15:50:04.527: %CONTROLLER-5-UPDOWN: Controller T1 0/0/1, changed state to down (LOF detected)Dec 6 15:50:06.527: %LIN...

Muneeb89 by Beginner
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Resolved! IR809G-LTE-GA-K9 - Need a switchpor

 Hi So we started to use the IR809, and we also have a switch connect to this setupbut sometimes we just need the router and a access port.can i make Gigabitethernet 1 to act as a switchport and just assign it a vlan?  interface GigabitEthernet0.2des...

Niklas.D by Beginner
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Resolved! WAN MTU change: impact on applications?

Has anyone made an in-production MTU change to their WAN?  If so, how have the applications been impacted?Our DMVPN (enterprise site-to-site) MTU is currently set to 1400 bytes, and we're looking at dropping it by a few more.  I know that new connect...

mikep1230 by Beginner
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Port channel and 10GE port on ASR1001-X

  Does 2x10GE port of ASR1001-X support link aggregation ? Due to in document show that all port on fix ethernet line card and SPA are support.I am not sure that it include that 10G ethernet fix port support or not.

Resolved! OSPF configuration

i am adding ospf configuration but don't know if i should use network command in router configuration or i have to enable ospf on the interface  (config)# router ospf 100 (config-router)# router-id (config-router)# redistribute static s...

ISR4331 IOS Version 15.4(3)S6a.

Is isr4300-universalk9.03.15.04.S.155-2.S4-std.SPA.bin actually the same as ISR Software (X86_64_LI​NUX_IOSD-U​NIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.4(3)S6a.   I want to download ISR Software (X86_64_LI​NUX_IOSD-U​NIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.4(3)S6a however I can’...

RIP version are not compatible

Subject : Rip V1, V2Domain: issue (v2 and v1 are not compatible)Level : all level  Dears i have two routers R1------- R2R1 configuration used Rip V1int fa 0/0ip add lo 1ip add or lo 2...

Resolved! 3850 Switch Port-to-ASIC Mapping

Hello -   Does anyone know how to find out the port-to-ASIC mapping on the 3850X series switches?   On some platforms, 'show interface capabilities' yields this info...on others, 'show platform pm if-numbers' can give a clue.   I'm having no luck fig...

Single vlan with multiple gateways

So here is a question.  I want to trunk the same vlan/subnet together between three geographically separated sites.  Lets say vlan10 associated to subnet /28.     Obviously I can create a single routed SVI interface at SiteA with IP address ...

cmparish5 by Beginner
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