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Hello All,   i have a Cisco ISR router model 4321 and need to do lost password recovery but every time i follower below steps i lose current configurations. Cisco Router password recovery step by step++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++...

We're attempting to route T1 traffic into a T1 card in an ISR4451 router, to another ISR4451, and out a T1 card installed there. Currently it's just the two IRS4451 devices directly connected by a Cat6 cale. We've tried following the process of encap...

sblakely by Level 1
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Dear All,We have a C4500 switch running IOS-XE in our environment and nearly 30 customers using this L3 switch as a gateway to access the internet. We are receving below log on our switch without doing any config changes to it. Also, there are no any...

naveen98 by Level 1
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Hi allI'm new to Packet Tracer and I have two files that have issues in Packet Tracer (one Routing and one for switching)I can't figure out what is the issue.Appreciate your help in advance.Regards

Zelda by Level 1
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I have a question regarding using an Xconnect to avoid using an optical converter i intend to utilize an interface on aswitch to receive date and the other to reditribute it . my Aim is to acheive this without relying on vlans as i want to maintain m...

halima by Level 1
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i used to have a route map on all my interface vlans that leads internet traffic to a proxy. Afterward the proxy was disabled and the route map ACL was modified to deny the vlans subnet from going to the proxy ip and go normally to the firewall and a...

baselzind by Level 6
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Hello,I am having an odd issue where if my traffic has to be routed I get approximately 10% of line rate.  I have attached a drawing that shows a subset of my network which will hopefully make clear what I am doing.I have multiple subnets on VLAN 200...

I have 2 ISPs on a branch network with 2 tunnels form my WAN router in the office and the branch network. The branch network keep disconnecting at intervals. wNov 27 20:30:06.510: EIGRP: Received HELLO on Tu2 - paklen 20 nbr*Nov 27 20:30:...