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Problems with RV042 settings

Hello Community Cisco 

Primarily a Cordial Greetings to All! ... 

I am new in the area of network administration I have only basic knowledge and I would like you could help me. 

I currently own a Cisco RV042 and constantly Internet service goes down in the office. I have two Internet servicion which describe a continucacion: 

WAN1 = Static IP 3MB upstream and 3MB down 
WAN2 = Dynamic IP 5MB upload  and 5MB down 

The router is configured in Load Balance (Auto Mode) 

All devices assigned to them via DHCP fixed IP setup

I have all the traffic to WAN2 because we could not get to a bank page with https. The only solution I found was this.

Further to this I have the following questions: 

1 - You can assign a network segment for WAN1 and WAN2 for another? 

I would like to have it like this example: 

WAN1 = to 
WAN2 = to


A port leaves the RV042 goes to two switches which are not as they should be configured and do not know if these are what might be failing. 

The power failures can affect Internet service? I have noticed that there are some fluctuations in electricity. 

When the service completely reset the RV042 falls and servcio Internet is restored. 

Another question that I have, when the RV042 load balancing adds the bandwidths of WAN1 and WAN2? That is in theory should be able to have 8MB bandwidth? 

If I need any configuration required please let me know


Sorry for the English I am from Latin America. 

Thanks for the help they can provide in this regard.




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