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Ask Me Anything Event Welcome to the Cisco Community Ask Me Anything conversation. Start here by unlocking the full potential of cloud networking with our latest article, 'Interconnection of Cisco SD-WAN and AWS Transit Gateway.' In this deep dive i...


I am new to SDWAN. I am a little confused by VPN512 - What is it used for? Is it even needed for anything on the edge routers? Or can I just not use it and put a loopback in a service VPN for mgmt?

kmelchior by Beginner
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Hi Community,I have automated the process of attaching a Device Template to an SD-WAN Router (C1121X). When the template is attached I'll need to supply the different configuration values to configure the router - like systemID, WAN IP adrresess, hos...

Pixelweb by Beginner
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Hi,I have created test lab and try to do service chaining, After adding service as FW on my VPN-10 template and successfully pushed to one of VE. My issue is when i apply the command on VE Show omp Services I can only see the vpn 10 service , i am ex...

I might be getting a little to far into the weeds studying for the SD-WAN exam, but all the variations in devices and their respective deployments have my head swimming.   Is the SUDI [secure unique device id] the which is an Avnet X.509 cert?And is ...

Steytler by Beginner
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