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Our security team scans servers for vulnerabilities and is requiring that we upgrade java to the latest version and upgrade openssh. I have applied the latest patch to our collector -, but this has not remediated these 2 issues. How do I go a...

Hey everyone,I have a curious issue where a devices is showing populated in the All Equipment section of the portal. However, there isn't any information on it within the Covered or Not Covered sections on this particular device. The device is a Cisc...

Lmarquez by Beginner
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I have a customer that is wanting to import their SolarWinds data into the Total Care portal using NCM. Can you please provide me with the step by step instruction to ensure that this integration is successful.. Thanks in advance for your help! Doug ...

When I tried to register for Smart Net Total Care (i.e. after clicking the "Register" button on the SNTC Portal User Registration page), I received the following message and haven't been able to get past it to register: "We encountered an error while...

bp5286-1 by Beginner
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Hello Team, 1. Secondary WLC As per Cisco document, the new enhancement in the 8.7 release is the Peer Statistics with additional information about Peer Serial Number and Fan Status.

I was on a call with a customer that was no longer wanting an old CSPC collector showing up in their portal. Initially we deleted the old inventory - this was successful and those changes were immediately reflected. We deleted the old collector from ...