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Hello, A client of ours allowed us to create a external role user account so we could manage the SNTC portal of their company for them. I created an CBRAdmin account and to my surprise we had no visibility over the contracts on the portal. My questi...

I'm trying to gain access to the SNTC Portal to add/change users and I get a screen saying I don't have access.  I understand that I need Delegated Admin to do this.  The person who had access is no longer with the company so can I get my profile upd...

MikeN by Level 1
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Good Day,      Finally got my collector working and syncing to the SNTC Portal for a single inventory.  And I was wondering if there is a way to setup Discoveries of different subnets to be uploaded to different inventories.   Is this possible?  

aeholman by Level 1
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While reviewing the Alerts, we have found that almost none of our PSIRT alerting is correct.  In reviewing the SNTC guide (pages 30-31), I am showing that the threshold for hitting on an affected OS (IOS, XE, XR, ASA and NX-OS) is "Critical" and "Hig...

I have myself and three other users assigned as "Customer Administrator." When I navigate to Dashboards --> Admin --> Segment Management (dashlet) and click on Actions --> View/Modify (or Create a New Segment), there is not option for Select User.  B...