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Private VLAN question

When configuring ports for private VLANs, do those ports already need to be in the VLAN per the command "switchport access vlan x"   example:   I have a primary private vlan 200 and a secondary isolated 201   vlan 200  private-vlan primary    vlan 20...

Cisco 9400 switch with Sata drive

Hi AllI am in process of putting a spec together for a Cisco 9410 switch.One of the parts listed on the ordering page is a Sata M2 memory drive.Can anyone tell me if this is actually required? we are using the switch for campus layer 3 core only.chee...

Resolved! need 2960-x interface template and macro

I am planing for interface template based configuration for 2960-X deployment. I have not got my hands on the hardware yet. I want to check details of the commands in default built in template. May I ask someone with access of 2960-X switches to let ...

9300 selective QinQ

Hello,   I am setting up a POC for a migration. Looking for a good solution I found selective QinQ but it seems this is only supported on the Catalyst 4500 series. https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/lan/catalyst4500/12-2/54sg/configurati...

delenni by Beginner
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Resolved! HSRP question?

I started learining CCNP swtiching 1)If we give same priority value in active and stand by device ,how redundcy will work ?2)How Preempt works in HSRP?Thanks in advance

praveennoc by Beginner
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Resolved! HSRP configuration on ME3400

Hello,   I have a switch cisco ME3400: Switch  Ports  Model                         SW Version          SW Image ------  ---    ----------------  ----------          ---------- * 1        26    ME-3400E-24TS-M 12.2(60)EZ11        ME340x-METROBASEK9-M...

Yacine BS by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco IOS use standard interface names

One big issue i always had with Cisco IOS is, that the interface names are named after the max ethernet standard speed they support.   FastEthernet GigabitEthernet TenGigabitEthernetFortyGigabitEthernet This becomes especially annoying if you use a n...

mario.jost by Participant
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Resolved! C3850's delay is high

Hello everyone,We have a cisco 3850 which version is 03.07.04.EI have found that the delay is so high when I telnet . And I knock to command being delay.But at the same time other switches' delay is normal except . after a whi...

Resolved! 2960X-24TS-LL

Hi,    Need help with understanding stacking on 2960X-24TS-LL.    Customer wants to stack two 2960X-24TS-LL and I found a document stating that the stacking module is not available.   "The FlexStack-Plus module slot is not available on the Catalyst 2...

Resolved! GNS3 3745 - No Switch Connectivity

Hi All,am using GNS3, and have the 16port switching module. I have created a PC instance and connecting to f/0/0 which is a layer 3 port, I can connect via layer 3 IPs. I then reconfigured and connected the PC instance via a layer 2 port f2/0 which i...

IGMP setup on 3560

My ISP is using a STB that uses multicast to receive TV channels and I have a setup working with pfSense and igmpproxy but I was wondering if I could simplify my setup running the TV stuff on my Cisco switch.  Currently my setup is like this: VLAN X/...

oyvindbj by Beginner
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