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Hello communitySince yesterday, i can`t log in anymore to the GUI of the WLC. No password changes are made or something.I tried to configure a new user and password, but its not working... What can i do to reset the password for access the GUI? IOS i...

Hi All,As I know Memory threshold notification I/O and processor helps to mitigate low memory conditions on device.So I have entered below command on my Cisco iOS device.memory free low-watermark I/O thresholdmemory free low-watermark processor thres...

vishal77 by Level 1
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We've applied the following PACL on our 2960X access switches:access-list 170 deny ip 170 permit ip anyaccess-list 170 permit udp any host eq bootpsaccess-list ...

Hi,we're running a 2960 four switch stack, Version 15.2(2)E6, and yesterday it had just stopped communicating such as responding to pings, etc. Neither could we console in to see what's going on, but all the lights appeared to be green and it never l...

axfalk by Level 1
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Hello,In our setup, Cisco 3750X has been deployed as the Gateway for all access layer switches i.e. 2960G.  Another 4506 is also setup on layer 2 mode. VTP is configured with 3750 as the master switch. All VLANs are properly propagated to all switche...

AZKhan by Level 1
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What is the differene between the 3.7E.x and 16.x.x software versions? The switches that I'm about to add to a stack are at 03.07.04E (mixed stack.WS-C3850-48T-S and WS-C3850-24XS-S). I wonder if it's best to upgrade and to what version.   And are th...

hmc2500 by Level 1
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Hi all,I've observed a weird behavior in a FabricPath topology, running on a mix of N7K's and N55K's. The topology is pretty straightfoward, following the generel best-practice recommendations when implementing a FabricPath network. The network consi...

We have 8 Cisco SG500-52P switches. We have 4 of them stacked in chain mode with Unit 1 the master, Unit 2 the backup and units 3 and 4 as slaves. My understanding is that the SG500 series will allow 8 switches to be stacked. However, when I try to a...

HiIn New Zealand we now have access to VDSL2. The telco provides two methods of connectivity:Option1: PPPOE (user name and password) is supported with  VLAN  tagging (802.1q) with a VLAN ID of 10 is required on the WAN interface.Option 2: (Bridge) Et...

Hi All, I'm having some little confusion about some Cisco iOS network management commands and its effect. And I'm pretty sure here I will get the answer. 1) service nagle Want to know the exact impact of this line in enabling service nagle (Do not us...

vishal77 by Level 1
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My question is layer 2 managed switch that supports QoS without using a router that has QoS support since the switch is already prioritizing the traffic before passing it to the router? or I have to set up my Qos in my router too? 

Micco by Level 1
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