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Hi all... please forgive any ignorance here as I am somewhat new to this.I have 3 VLANs for specific traffic.Vlan1 - MgmtVlan2 - DataVlan3 - Security I have a 3850-24xs Fiber switch and four c2960x 3 switch stacks with 3 fiber runs back to the Fiber ...

CiscosKid by Beginner
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Hi !as far as i know that portfast should be configured only on an access link !i don't get exactly the point of it ... for example lets say i want to send a frame from PC1 (that is connected to SW1) to PC2 (that is connected to SW2) ... even if port...

Hey there, currently we are exchanging our 2960s / x for 9200 switches.Unfortunately older IP POE cameras do not come online.With the old switches we got the IP cameras online with the following commands: interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1switchport acce...

Hello  can anyone answer the below question?A network engineer has just configured a fiber connection between two switches. The connection has been set up as an EtherChannel. Shortly afterpowering the device on, the fiber port err-disables. What is t...

sivam siva by Participant
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Hello  I started with dhcp snooping in my network. I got 4 Vlans 10,30,221,250. Dhcp snooping shows fine in 2 vlans : MAC Address IP Address Lease (sec) Type VLAN Interface------------------ --------------- ------------ ---------- ---- ----------64:0...

Hello everyone. I am trying to set up default/static routes for a lab i made in packet tracer. I have two different lan's connected with two routers.I need to ping from the "voice toys server" to the wired end device, located in the second lan. I've ...

Al3xX995 by Beginner
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Hi all, As output below, hosts that want to subscribe multicast from a publisher and are not able to for a particular group, all  the other groups in subnet 239.181.4.x work apart from, why is Po400 not included in the Por...

Hello Seniors, I have to deploy multiple VLANS within a subnet but all must use a single default gateway. Vlan 10- 20- 30- 40- 50- All vlan above must use a single default gateway-1...

ade1dapo2 by Beginner
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Resolved! Switch Logging

Is there a command or way to see switch logging? For instance If someone shuts down multiple ports, can I run a command that says At such and such time ports x-x were shut down etc etc. Is there anything like that?

Rsbell by Beginner
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We have the following setup:________| PE         || asr920  ||_______|___|____| switch   || c4500   ||_______|___|___| CPE    ||______|__|____| STB     || IPTV    ||______|PE receives multicast interface BDI3999 ip vrf forwarding vrf-sa-iptv-1 ip add...