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Good morningI would like to ask about something I want to know about 3750g.Currently the 3750g is equipped with SSH, but I am trying to change the port number this time.However, the port did not change to 12.2.55-SE12 version.Is it possible to change...

Hi, I was not able to establish communication between between cisco layer 3 switch and  industrial switches. Industrial switches are confifured with default gateway x.x.y.250 and management ip x.x.y.200 and 201. I could not find x.x.y.250 configured ...

1) In all books it is mentioned that one improvement of RIPv2 versus RIPv1 is the usage of multicast instead of broadcast, leading to a reduced network traffic.In my view, the network traffic remains the same, it does not get reduced when switching f...

I have an installation of several access point wap561. I had to split the network in 2 clusters because of the amount of access points so I have a cluster in the groundfloor and ote in the basement. Both with the same configurations.I have created a ...

Hello,i am facing a problem with setting up a new cisco phone, when i connect the phone with the cabel it does not start at all and the screen stays black but when i connect my laptop to the same port it works well and the laptop gets internet connec...

A warning log of  "%PLATFORM-3-ELEMENT_CRITICAL:Switch 1 R0/0: smand:  1/RP/0: Used Memory value 98% exceeds critical level 95%" appears.   show processes memory  This is the suspicious process.   3650#show processes memory Processor Pool Total: 8856...

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