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I have an access point connected to a 3750x switch. It looks like it isn't drawing enough power because I get an amber power light. I had this problem once before with a different switch vendor and I hard to configure some specific commands. After th...

jacob6000 by Level 1
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I have applied 'auto qos voip cisco-phone' on the access port connected to a cisco phone. Switch is connected to uplink switch by etherchannel, with etherchannel configured as L3 interface.On all physical interfaces of etherchannel 'auto qos trust' i...

raj-toor by Level 1
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I have been tasked with an environment that is new to me and have been troubleshooting some issues they're having. In reviewing some configurations for them I have noticed that a number of their trunk ports that lead to VM Hosts are configured with a...

jokerfmj1 by Level 1
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I am working on Cisco IR829GW.I have my cellular 0 working and can ping to IP add can not be given to Gi1, I have created VLAN10 and assigned VLAN10 to Gi1.Now how to I get access to internet if I connect a PC to the same port? interface C...

bas123 by Level 1
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Hi,can any one suggest What is Best practice to configure Switch port for End User where PC and IP Phone is connected ?actually i configure switch port connected to my pc i use speed 1000 and duplex full. my network disconnected and not coming up.is ...

Is there a numbering system for vlans, i have heard people say vlan10 is a management vlan and vlan 311 is a non approved / insecure vlan for data. I thought the numbers meant nothing but a representation. Do people have specific numbers for certain ...

Hi,I have a cisco 6832 in production and there is a need for me to capture on the downlink, which is a trunk port. Now, packets capture works like a charm on routed port but when I try on VLAN of for that matter on the interface, it captures nothing....

HI I'm working with a script to implement the command no service pasw-recovery. I need to know where the command is saved. it is not saved in the run / start but I can visualize that it works using the command Show Version, which shows the following ...

MrG14 by Level 1
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Hi All   Have a couple of IE2000 switches with a curious problem in that they will not load the hostname correctly and keep reverting to the default "Switch" at bootup??   While the switch is running, if I change the hostname (MySwitch1 for example) ...

CarltonM by Level 1
  • 6 replies
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i try to upgrade a stack of 5 2960x-48 ports, Image "c2960x-universalk9-mz.152-7.E0a.bin". copied image to all switches one by one, but after reboot only master switch came back and all other slaves are not booting correctly  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@...

Hi, Going from Access to Distribution layer Cisco's recommendation is a 20:1 subscription ratio. Is it possible to dynamically throttle switch ports (prevent devices from connecting at 1000M) once that uplink threshold is met?  Regards,-Alex