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Hello,I ordered a cisco switch with the following features:8GB RAM2GB FlashWhen I received the equipment, I wanted to check if indeed it is the good material but I can not interpret the output of the orders.thank you for helping me  

Dear All Could someone explain to me what happened to my catalyst 4500, please? Aug 19 15:32:28 15467: 015463: Aug 19 11:32:27.980 UTC: %HSRP-5-STATECHANGE: Vlan1 Grp 1 state Standby -> ActiveAug 19 15:32:31 15468: 015464: Aug 19 ...

Hi, We've just recieved a batch of 9200L and i'm going through the configuration. The configuration is setup and working well, I was just wondering if someone could assist with the user accounts part of the product. One our old swiches, we used to ru...

Hello experts, I just finished my CCNA course and try to dig more about STP. I have some questions may need your help. Thanks. 1.) Does a switch keep sending BPDU(7 times because send Hello every 2 seconds and listening state remains for 15 seconds) ...

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Hi all,My experience is not great in the field of Cisco, because I have been working on Microsoft networks for a long time.But I have a question now I download, and I drew the attached diagram and created a number of vlans also I put a com...