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Catalyst 4900M temperature

Hello, I have a problem with Catalyst 4900M and inlet temperature for module. Temperature went up few days ago and now it`s below alarm threshold but it`s still showing warning cause it didn`t went down more then 5C. Anyone know how to change thresho...

kimek4901 by Beginner
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Trunking 2 switches

Hello,   I'm trunking a Nexus switch to a Cisco 3750.    I've configured the Nexus with a new VLAN (199) with a fresh subnet and I can ping this fine from various locations and I've set up the trunk port to attached the 3750.    Now I've gone to the ...

Gonzo1 by Beginner
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Resolved! Subinterfaces and VLANS

Hello All,I was hired on with a state.. Now its been awhile but I can't remember how subinterfaces and VLANS all tie together!Now correct me where I'm wrong (please), but VLANS are created on switches first correct?  When you create a VLAN on a switc...


Hi, I have the following settings   aaa new-modelaaa authentication login default noneaaa authentication login ssh group tacacs+ local-caseaaa authentication login console noneaaa accounting session-duration ntp-adjustedaaa accounting connection h323...

elite2010 by Participant
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SNMPv3 ACL on Nexus?

Is it possible to limite SNMPv3 access on the Nexus platform with an ACL like you can in IOS?  It seems the Nexus platform does not support this other than for SNMPv1 or SNMPv2c (with an ACL tied to the community string).  I have auth/priv enabled ho...

Data Center Design

Hi All, Can i know what will be the best design for data center? I will be using 3750G and 3560G. Planning to have 6500 in the future. Btw, what is the best solution in campus enterprise, is it L3 access mode or traditional (Core-Dist)L3 and (Dist-A...

Mhon Baul by Beginner
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Destination IP Address NAT

Hello everyone, This is my first post. I need to provide a solution in my office, & current setup is like there are 100~ users, & they configured to connect to anyone of the 3 listed (,, etc)WAN servers on port TCP 4728 for MS pa...

vtp pruning vs swi trunk allowed vlan

I'm planning to limit unneeded vlan traffic from the trunks that connect my switches. There seems to be two ways to approach this. One way is to use the "vtp pruning" command on the switch that acts as the vtp server for all the switches in my vtp do...

gordfran03 by Beginner
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Designing MSTP between CISCO and HP Switches

I need to redesign MSTP bcz i am seeing topology changes between Access switch and core switch within 10 seconds  Every switch including multilayer switch has its own region and CIST is formed between  regions .And when CIST root bridge changes  betw...

nawazi by Beginner
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multihoming support of 93180YC-EX

 we buy some 93180YC-EX and find they don't support EVPN multihoming   1. will 93180YC-EX support EVPN multihoming?   2. will cisco EVPN multihoming support more than two swiches?   here is documents from  Cisco Nexus 9000 Series NX-OS VXLAN Configur...

refactor by Beginner
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