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Hi All, I need to setup an 8-member Catalyst 9300 switch stack that will use Stackpower. I'm aware that a Stackpower ring is limited to 4-member switches, so in my scenario I need to configure two Stackpower rings, however, I cant find any clear cabl...

dm2020 by Beginner
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Hello,I am trying to do a lab for Router on the stick but it fails. Here is the scenario.I have 1841 router and 2950 24 port switch.1841 Fe 0/0 is connected to switch on Fe 0/1Switch hAS 2 Vlans namely vlan10 and vlan20when I no shutdown on vlan10 th...

Hi to all, i have two 9300 , cross connected with the stacking cables but the stack does not come up. Should i do something prior to stacking in order this to take effect?The only difference i noticed between these two 9300s is tb H/W version. In the...

Ditter by Participant
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Hi, wanna ask how do you guys treat printer vlan on network ?Should i separate it, or just joining the printer with others and how about printer sharing. Many thanks

and12345 by Beginner
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hi experts,i know i've encountered this command before and it's at the tip of my head/tongue. what do u need to add in the show run command in order to hide sensitive passwords? or is it after the pipe " | "? appreciate your responses.

Hi, I have some error message when my WS-C2960X boot : CPU rev: BImage passed digital signature verificationBoard rev: 24Testing DataBus...Testing AddressBus...Testing Memory from 0x00000000 to 0x1fffffff.../Using driver version 4 for media type 1Xmo...

MaxDev by Beginner
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Hello everyone,I have switch cisco model 2960x with Version 15.2(6r)E, All the time ago the switch worked as fine without any any problem, Today i have issue and the issue happen less than five seconds and back worked again and since that the switch ...

hunterman by Beginner
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I have a customer issue with the ATM and Di1 interfaces keep flapping and when I looked at the log it says Configured from console by mypwd on vty0  I have attached the log below: .Apr 8 16:03:20.055 AEST: %LINK-5-CHANGED: Interface Dialer1, changed ...

Juliet by Beginner
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Resolved! NTP and Stratum

Hi everybodyI have few questions about the term " stratum" in NTP.   Please consider the excerpt from the link given below:http://www.endruntechnologies.com/stratum1.htmAs you progress through different strata there are network delays involved that r...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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I have been having layer 2 issues on the network. Some devices (Motorola radio repeaters, and Fortecho RFID's ) MAC addresses are not showing up on the our Cisco switches (3500's, 3750's, 3850's, and 9300). The issue is random - We have a switch (930...

Hi,I have one of my customers requested us to enable BPDU packets to send over between their L2 connection and later I have found BPDU filters are enabled. Therefore, I have deleted the BPDU filter from our (ISP) L2 path but still, they are advising ...

Juliet by Beginner
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