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Hi AllWe have a 3850 in a stack of 2 which has failed and we need to replace it.The switch is the same type and has the same IOS.Do I need to do anything else on the switch before we add it to the stack?we can not have any outage.Many thanksCarl

Dear All,   could you support for this case?   as you can find in below screen, we can communicate with all inter-VLAN also, we can ping and browse the PTZ camera without any problem. But the issue is we cannot browse the Radar via radar explorer, on...

elsayedm1 by Beginner
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I was excited to "inherit" a Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series WS-C3750G-24T-S 24-Port switch!!  Until I figured why it was given to me in the first place.  I logged into the switch and was presented with "switch:"When I issue this command,     switch: dir ...

Hi All   This device, run on POE works perfectly on an old switch/modem ive got at home.   As soon as I connect it into a switch module inside my Cisco 3945 (its the L3 24 port switch module) it wont get an IP from DHCP   I can see the switch port is...

dastrix80 by Beginner
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I try to create communicate between 2 different switch model 4500 and 3750I can ping vlan in switch 3750 from host in swith 4500but I cannot ping host in swith 4500 to host inn switch 3750attached configuration 

hamedha by Beginner
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dear all, i have a real lab which was run before  over utp   ( core switch2960) but for some requirement i install new core switch 3850 and put fiber sfps  now from my server i am copying daily in terabytes after few hours the backup is going fails w...

dear all, i have one core switch 3800 and access 2960 there is no loops no stp no ether channel no hub not bridge  straight connectivity with each other (point to point ) but once i put the show cdp neighbor on core it show me one switch with tow por...

Hi all,i have cisco 6504 i simply created object-group ip addresses and class-map and ip access list and policy but when i tried to applies that policy on my port channel it didn't apply any idea? below some configuration : interface Port-channel1des...

Hi All, Hoping for someone to put a second set of eyes on my config and let me know what I'm overlooking.  I have no doubt it is a simple fix, but I cannot seem to figure it out.  I do have a K9 image and I believe I have done things correctly, but I...

dstriplin1 by Beginner
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Hi, I´m trying connect the  SFP-10G-SR-S on WS-C2960X-48LPD-L, but the follow msg appears:   As the https://tmgmatrix.cisco.com/home, say that is compatible:  Do you know what reason of this behavior? Tks


Hello, I'm trying to find an article that explains configuring root guard on VPC port-channels...which I cannot find anything on. I have a switch that connects to 2 nexus vpc peer link core switches via VPC (picture attached).  I want to make sure th...

Amafsha1 by Explorer
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