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Resolved! Catalys 2960X some Ports without PoE

Hello together I have a strange PoE problem with two WS-C2960X-48LPD-L switches (IOS 15.2(2)E5). I have on some (not all)  switch ports no PoE support. The most strange thing is, that i have no log entry about a problem or somthing like that. Also af...

baumer-ts by Beginner
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Resolved! 3650 upgrade help

Hi,    I've just installed a stack of 3650 switches. I upgraded them to the stable version (16.3.5b). Now, I may not have done this correctly, but they have booted up ok. I copied the bin file to flash on all switches, and then set the boot command t...

InterVlan routing ERL and SG500 issues

Hello All, I need a little assistance with getting my vlans from the switch to make it to the router and back - or simply put, my vlans (other than the default) cannot reach the internet. On the switch side, I have changed it to router mode (layer 3)...

Resolved! sg300 inter vlan

Hi all, i recently installed and configure a new sg300 switch , all my vlans works fine and inter vlans.   vlan 1 is on /25 vlan 20 is on /25 vlan 30 is on /25 vlan 40 is on /25 vlan 15 is on /...

pavlos82 by Beginner
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Quick question on connecting to ip address

Hello and thanks for your help on this.  Just need to know why the answer would be "d" IP address is incorrect.  Why not the default gateway is incorrect?  Since the computer is on another network they are trying to hit, I thought it would be the gat...

routing between vrf

I have a situation where i have a default vrf and a Video vrf.  Is there a way without BGP to route between the two.  The reason being is my Video needs to get an ip from a dhcp server on the default and all the multicast is originating from the defa...

jwilde by Beginner
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Resolved! Aggressive UDP flows

Hi, I am reading about the DBL feature on the Cisco 4500E which protect the buffers from filling up with traffic that is identified as nonadaptive or belligerent flows such as aggressive UDP flows. Since my curiosity doesnt stop here, i am trying to ...

Resolved! OSPF cost question

Hi guys, have a diagram [R1]---Riverbed---[catalystswitchA]---[R2]---[R3]----[catswitchB]--BGP-CE_router-WAN network is coming from BGP to LAN and ospf cost to it  from: Cat_swB metric 0 R3   metric 2 , type 1 R2   metric 3 , type 1 Cat ...

Resolved! Do I need to configure queuing on our LAN

Hi All,   I need some quick advise regarding LAN QoS. I have been asked to implement QoS on our network to prioritise voice traffic that will be transiting our VPLS WAN. I have already configured policies to classify and mark voice traffic as require...

de1denta by Participant
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