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Resolved! L3 Switch Routing Issue?

Hey All,      I'm trying to setup a new home network with some new gear I got that consist of a Cisco C819 ISR, ASA 5506-X and 3650 switch. I had no problems with the C819 or the ASA 5506-X, but I can't seem to ping anything other than VLAN10, which ...

Zaleon by Beginner
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New core switch

Hello,   I am looking to get an expert opinion on what switch our company should buy for our core switches.  We currently have HP switches that needs to be replaced with Cisco switches.  Our network currently has around 14 fibre uplinks running acros...

Problems with PortChannel

Hi,   I am trying to configurate a portchannel between two Cisco switches WS-C2960+24PC-L, and I have the following message: Mar 5 15:06:49.280: %EC-5-CANNOT_BUNDLE2: Gi0/1 is not compatible with Gi0/2 and will be suspended (speed of Gi0/1 is 1000M, ...

sisaic by Beginner
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Link will not come up on ASR 1001

I am simply connecting a port on a ASA5585-X SSP-20 FW to a port on an ASR 1001 router. Both ports are gig - SFP used on Router but is recognize and compatible. in same /24 subnet No shut My cable is good. Am I missing something here?

Resolved! NVI NAT overload

Hi! I would like to ask members of this community for a help. Currently, I am making small office lab with two 3560's, 2811 and laptop that is running vWLC on top of esxi.  My reserverd port from office switch is configured as trunk and I have first ...

0kami by Beginner
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MMA Resource Event on Cisco 4510R+E

Hi, I am getting the following log messages, periodically occurring on a Cisco WS-C4510R+E with redundant Sup 8E running 3.6.3E. 002509: Sep 21 2015 06:53:20.393 AEST: %MMA_RESOURCE-1-RM_SET: RESOURCE EVENT RAISE.Loss of Confidence in the measurement...

rick505d3 by Beginner
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Resolved! arp vs flooding

i confuse what the diffrenrt between arp to flooding for my understanding arp is layer 3 that use the distenation target with the ip address and floding is layer 2 and he just flood the unicast message  with destination mac address ff...

VPC not successful over 2 N5k

Hello,We are trying to configure a pair of Nexus 5K's and setup vpc  peer link between them.  When I issue the show vpc brief command,WE-SSIPL-NX1# show vpc brief Legend:                (*) - local vPC is down, forwarding via vPC peer-linkvPC domain ...

Resolved! vpc etherchannel fails

Hi all, i am trying to solve the following topology and make vpc with isr router:   However isr router gives error: *Mar  2 16:48:17.504: %EC-5-L3DONTBNDL2: Gi0/1 suspended: LACP currently not enabled on the remote port.*Mar  2 16:48:18.676: %EC-5-L3...

varlotbolt by Beginner
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