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We have found that many campus switches have stopped logging since weeks. It is not fixed time line for each switch. We have 4507+E, 3650s in the environment. Below is the log from one of the switch. Logging stopped from 23 weeks. Any ideas? Do I hav...

Dear everyone, this is my first posting on the forum, so please excuse me if this question was already ask.  I need to upgrade my core backbones switches from 1gb to 10gb    Which of these two options will you advise and why:  Our goal is to uplink a...

maraica by Level 1
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Hello everyone !! Hope all is well and happy 4th of July !!! I am working on building out a campus network using a pair of Nexus 7706's and I'll be using VDC to configure the Nexus 7706 to be the Core and Distribution layer. I have not worked with VD...

dtran by Level 6
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Resolved! Subnet Question

I have a question about using certain networks, for example we have two different network schemes that we use. One is 192.168.X.X and the other is 10.X.X.X and we are in the process of moving everything to the 10.X.X.X network but I was told that you...

Hello,   As we would do on any cisco 4900M,   I have the vlan created and int vlan with an ip address and also a port on that vlan. But still when i do sh ip route for that IP, it routes to null route instead of that vlan.

ashah1311 by Level 1
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Trying to get LACP up between a single port on the 3850 switch stack and a 6800, its not working. This is the first time I have seen LACP not some up. If I remove the port-channel config the ports can trunk correctly. If I use PagP as the channel pro...

Hello, we are planning to close the loop in the current ethernet network that serves our backbone, the swicthes are Cisco 4500. Currently the link between switch 7 and 8 does not exists but we would add it for the redundancy. I'm doing tests with GNS...

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 19.35.46.png
cisco8880 by Level 1
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5 users those who are connected in cisco 2960X switch facing Network frequently disconnection issue, I checked in switch logs but there is no logs regarding this, all the laptop are connected through Docking station, we have checked these docking sta...

mmerot001 by Level 1
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