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Hi everyone, I am having a single switch 3850 48 port series and it has currupted ios in it. It is not booting due to the currupted IOS. I am having a .bin file downloaded from another switch using TFTP which is around 300 mb in size. I was trying to...

Resolved! IOS download sites

Hi Team,   When i go to download the cisco IOS the site is asking cisco.com ID that i dont have , kindly help me to get the IOS because its very urgent ...   Please help soon

Hello everyone It would be interesting if you could share your ideas mixed with experiences to provide a best practice. Attached diagram shows everything. Almost a beautiful weekend Question :)  

Resolved! VRF - DNS issue

I have two internet connections. I put comcast into its own vrf. ATT is in global routing table. I use PBR to route some traffic to comcast and some to ATT. Everything works, BUT DNS queries which are send to comcast VRF. All the traffic through VRF ...

filip00011 by Beginner
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hi, just a quick question, i need to re-edit my MST instance config which includes the switch management VLAN. will i lose remote access if i make the change or is it a safe straightforward change? would it be better if i start changing on the access...

Resolved! Vlans

Hello, I wanted to know that since Vlan 1 can never be deleted or changed, Could I move all 48 ports to another vlan? and if so will everything still work with vtp, cdp etc? Thanks

moman62 by Beginner
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  I have inherited a slightly odd set up. I have two stacked 6509's that are configured in an HSRP setup with a NEXUS 93128. I have a solarwinds Instance I want to access them both, The I have ACLs on them configured . Can I simply configure the SNMP...

Hi,   I'm in the process of converting our class C network to a Class A network to allow more client devices to connect to the internet.  Because I have limited time to actually work on the routers and switches, I'm looking to see if I can put togeth...

I don't understand how this works on a router. If i configure two of these, how can a device know what interface they are connecting to? In the example below, how can the router know what vlan a connecting device must be on?   Interface Vlan10 ip add...

DaveU by Beginner
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Hi everyone.   I'm might need some help to understand what would be the possible impact of DHCP snooping features configured on a 2960-L on IPv6 SLAAC configured on a 899-LTE.     Every time that I'm enabling the ip dhcp snooping vlan 100 on a 2960-L...

gafricano by Beginner
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Hey everyone,I have been looking all over the interent for ansers but still haven't found one, so I decided to jump in and post my problem here. Hopefully it could be of help to others. I'll try to keep things to the point :I have a lot of unicast fl...

emfusion1 by Beginner
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 Hi,i have 3 Catalyst 2960-X switches:1. sw1 - main switch, the other switches chained to it by trunk. contain 6 vlans (include vlan1). IP address sw3 - contain 6 vlans (include vlan1). IP address sw7 - contain 3 vlans (...

AdiMahluf by Beginner
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I'm trying to understand SNMP the way its configured in my environment. I have 2 router configurations below & when I lookup SNMP I see that both the monitored node (agent) & the monitoring system (manager) can initiate SNMP messages. In the Cisco di...

Hawk by Beginner
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