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Hi I'm in the middle of a TrustSec deployment (static SGT classification and Enforcement at the access layer) using WS-C3650-48PD switches running 03.06.05E. The deployment was a a success at the first site - this site had dot1x for wired clients ena...

Hello, The ISR2821 has 2 gigabit ports. We need to add another one for the service provider. It will be used for BGP. Do you pleae know what exact material reference is required to have the missing module/port ? Thanks

ipvoiipvoi by Contributor
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Dears In this topology I have done Here vlan 1 ip             PC             PC          Vlan 2 IP      Router IP is      PC IP is Switch interface f0/1 and f0/...

Resolved! MAC-FLAP

Hi All,Had an issue today and needs some assistant.Topology is connected like follows.SWITCH1 -> SWITCH2 -> SWITCH3 -> SWITCH4 gi 1/0/24 -> IP DEVICEIP DEVICE was firmware upgraded today, and following upgrade, the mgmt interface failed to come alive...

Dear All we have Catalyst 2960CX-8PC-L Switch and i want to configure DHCP and VLAN on it and here i have attached screen shot and config of what i have done on the switch. but some how the vlan status is up but the protocol link shows down. when i c...

Hi All, I wanna to ask can I upgrade the C6880-X-LE switch on online status? Here are my current situation: C6880-X-LE switch x 2, (Both C6880-X-LE is in VSS status) say A and B C6800ia switch dual link connect to each C6880-X-LE. Can I upgrade C68...

Greetings,Just pulled the 1811 router out of the box, received an address on the 10.10.10.x network, and pointed a browser at I was prompted to login with the default cisco/cisco credentials, which it accepts, then it opens anothe...

IM-Design by Beginner
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hello. I am operating the N9K equipment.The following ntpd logs continue to occur.What causes it? Ntp is not used. 2017 May 19 16:19:57 L3#1 %DAEMON-3-SYSTEM_MSG: process_private: drop test 2 failed, pkt from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - ntpd[3940] 2017 May 1...

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