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Resolved! Routing

Am i right when we configure BGP anywhere, example configuration   router bgp 12345neighbor remote-as 3456neighbor description TESTneighbor remote-as 6789neighbor description TEST1address-family ipv4nei...

Mlex1 by Spotlight
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Hi All, I wonder if someone can help me find the exact license(-s) I have on my router, and especially help me find what is the currently enabled max throughput, and whether I need to buy a license to extend it. I know the throughput ranges from 100 ...

      Hi, I’ve been assigned with a certain network to configure in Cisco Packet Tracer, but I don’t really understand how to address/configure the middle section of it.  The only thing I heard is about the computer playing the role of the host or...

IMG_1919.jpeg IMG_1918.jpeg IMG_1918.jpeg
pawel9 by Level 1
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Hi everyone,I'm kinda new to r&s and just started learning through cbt nuggets and got to port security and I have a question:I made with Packet Tracer a model of normalSwitch-normalPC and "evil" switch-"evil" PC, as the name suggests- it is evil.so ...

I would like to monitor via snmp v2c (with centreon) all ports (Twe1/0/x) of a C9500_48Y4C switch (Stackwise),but I can't find the proper OID (OperStatus). I tried Cisco MIB locator without success. How to proceed in order to identify the correct MIB...

kerlerom by Level 1
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Please no pedantic responses, I don't care if my wording/terminology is correct or not, all I want is 1 command that will let me see the hardware-address attached to a reservation pool, when I type:sh ip dhcp pool <poolname>I don't get the hardware a...

Hello,We will replace soon 2 C4500 by 2 C9400 chassis.Currently we have HSRP set and root guard on the uplinks of both core switches. But for my side using root guard will indeed prevent any access switches to take the root place, but it can also blo...

Clem58 by Level 3
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