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Cisco 9200 switch not saving config

Hi my workmate is trying to configure one of out new Cisco 9200 switches, and he is not entirely familiar with the Cisco IOS, to that extent he issued something along the lines of a reset all command and wiped the boot image of the switch and had to ...

Connection closed by foreign host

I'm Using Cisco 3850 switch and was able to log in through SSH with my username earlier, But today I'm getting the error "Connection closed by foreign host". Please help to resolve the issue. I've also tried logging in from another switch but the iss...

Show ip route

Hi all,  I have this output, the redistribution is showing via eigrp 100 , rip. This will mean that the ip published via both protocols or its known via both procols? this can case some traffic issue? thanks.   show ip route entr...

Fiber Error? How Worried should I be?

So I keep getting this alert on my prtg for one of my switches but ive done all I can do. They have us patched in through like 3 IDFs that I do not have access to and ive already changed the sfps and patch cords on both of my switches.. Will my switc...

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joshhboss by Beginner
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