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I have two 2800 routers connected via their serial ports. I call them Top Router and Bottom Router. I have my top router connected to my home network through it's g0/1 port. I can SSH into Top Router. I can ping Bottom Router and home network from To...

bobrod68 by Level 1
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Slowly getting an handle on subnetting...I can sort of work a Class C problem ok, but class A or B, especially when you put a subnet mask that has bits that throw it out of the class of the given IP address confused the crap out of me and I don't kno...

Hi Everybody,I need to discover all the Cisco Equipment inside a Network, I´ve heard about Cisco CNAC, I've download it but it ask for a Licence; but when i tried to insert my MAC Address, the link is not working.I tried with all the Navigators (Mozi...

tgut by Level 1
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I capture some traffic via wireshark  and  i see flood of arp from 1 svi interface that is configured with HSRP between 2 Nexus5000 Switches. both of the svi the active svi and the passive svi are flooding my network with ARP.   in the arp packet the...

menit by Level 1
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I have a port channel created using two fiber interfaces that connects two switches together. In addition to slow data across switches, when one link goes down we loose connection between devices.   Port config (same on both switches) Complete SW con...

Hello We have a network with two separate VLAN. With two Internet connections. It works well with a layer2 switch. Now we have bought a shared printer that we want to use from both networks. I have looked at some forums and finally I bought a Cisco S...

Resolved! L2 routing

Dears,    i have a layer 2 link that when I put an IP on the same subnet there is connectivity.  note that in the layer to there is a direct connection network as well static route. so I need to make routing with layer 2 from my HQ .   what is your r...

I've got an EHWIC-4G-LTE-V card in a 2921 router and am only able to connect via 1xRTT. Can someone take a look at the output below and provide some insight as to why I can't connect via LTE? Thank you. BroadbandLabv233#sho cell 0/0/0 allHardware Inf...