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Hi all, new here and still pretty new with networking...I work in the broadcast industry and my company has been using Cisco Catalyst switches with VTP Client/server between Distribution and access switches.Now the company is moving to Spine/leaf arc...

Hi all,I was facing an issue after 2960X switch upgrading IOS to a higher version, after rebooting.my switch always hangs at CPU rev: BImage passed digital signature verificationBoard rev: 5Testing DataBus...Testing AddressBus...Testing Memory from 0...

installing tranceivers on isr4331 router, precisely tranceivers model: GLC-LH-SMD I have noticed that the only tranceivers that work are those made in China, i hame same transceiver GLC-LH-SMD made in malaysia but they don't work. why do only transce...

HelloWhen I turn on device, it goes directly to rommon mode! It came with various error: magic number or bootflash directory (mostly). Here are some information: Supervisor version: WS-X4612-SFP-E, WS-X45-SUP8-E Rommon version: 15.1(1r)SG5 Ios Versio...

neonetad by Level 1
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Hi I got an alarm from C4506R-E switch with temperature issue It is how looks like B_C4506_B2#show environment warning alarm: slot 1 has exceeded the warning temperature for 1470h 42m 10s Module Sensor Temperature Status ------+----------------------...

nzell005 by Level 1
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Hi, We have a two 6509 chassis in vss mode (122-33.SXI6). Currently a 'redundancy force-switchover' takes 10 minutes to complete (before we can access switch on management IP).  We are running sso with nsf.  Is this expected given standad HSA and we ...

Hi All,We are doing an annual test on our core switches on each site. Our site on YOK we have a Cisco 9500-40X when I did a fail over test with Local IT  I have him unplug the power cable on Core 1 and Core2 should automatically take over right? howe...

Weezy-F by Level 1
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