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The Cisco backbone C9500 does not recognize the new port. At this time, port up / down to update arp mac address table. Is there a case where unintended ports are up / down or the arp table is updated incorrectly?

Hey !So I have a router/switch that have TACACS+ configured on it, meaning users can access it from our LDAP, in addition to this we have the local admin user which is also working. How ever when I try to create a user he is unable to log in to the s...

In my company, we have a firewall instead of routers, and the firewall does everything as a router. Is it really good practice? or do we really need routers? As we know every device has its own features.. Just asking. BTW we also have multiple sites ...

ankitohc by Spotlight
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Hi,        For a 4 stack Cisco 3850, would it be possible to not run the last stack power cable from 4th switch back to 1st one? We don't have a proper length of stack power cable, but able to run the rest of stack power cables between switches. Than...

I have followed these steps and every time i load the flash it does not accept the password. I don't remember what the username was or even if there was a admin userreboot switch press ctrl -] Enter the conf t commandType admin-password Ad123minType ...

Hello, I am trying to do a lab in CML for my studies in Private VLANs, and I can`t seem to make the SVI or the interface eth5/1 act as a promiscuous port. I am using a 9000v NX-OS. The community and isolated ports work fine, but they can`t reach the ...

BertiniB_0-1691549782382.png BertiniB_0-1691550334554.png
BertiniB by Level 1
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Model: Cisco WS-C3750X-48T-SIOS Software: C3750E Software (C3750E-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.2(4)E10, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)2 x Power Supplies: C3kx-pwr-715wac 715 Watt Show Power Inline:Module Available Used Remaining(Watts) (Watts) (Watts)------ --...

lvdabeach by Level 1
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I have and SG350x 48P POE running i switch a native VLAN on a trunk port, the native VLAN becomes inactive (UI) . Seems to only be happening on POE devices that i have noticed. Typically they are the only devices where the port needs...

crickman by Level 1
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