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Hi, There are many log as below on C3850. %IOSXE-7-PLATFORM: 1 process platform_mgr: wthreadpool_handle_failure: Unresponsive thread tp = 0x55416218, idx = 0, pthread = 0x31c62490 and the CPU is high. Core 0: CPU utilization for five seconds: 92%; o...

cy_yeh by Beginner
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All... I need help... I've got a 1941W as my edge router and the public facing IP address is off of a BVI tied to the physical interface to the ISP... I also have this same bridge-group associated with an interface with nothing plugged into it... Pr...

All,  Has anyone experienced sluggish performance while connected to the management plane of a 3750X after upgrading to 15.2.SE10a? I've done three switches and every time I connect via SSH or Telnet it seems to be sluggish when I enter commands. CPU...

Resolved! VSS Activity

Hi All, I have got a 4506 Switch which is UP and Running now. Now we are introducing another 4506 With Sup 7LE, And purchased another Sup 7LE for Existing 4506 (Currently OLD 4506 is running with Sup 6E). I would like to configure VSS in between t...

I'm new to the dual sup setup so please bare with me on this. I have a 4510R+E with dual SUP8E cards. I have the redundancy mode set to SSO and the second sup8E is showing up in standby hot status. My question is, what is the best practice for cablin...

Not able to create username root in N7k getting error GBM-Cloud-Core-SW2(config)# username root password ciscoUser name 'root' is a reserved username and cannot be created or edited if its reserved what is the  purpose of this account

Hi,  I want to install the module  (WS-X6724-SFP) into the Cisco 6500. Kindly guide me how to install the module into the chassis in the running state.  Is there any impact on the production traffic while installing the module.? thanks 

Hi, I am using snmp for collect Switch port status, The mib CISCO-C2900-MIB not support on 2960 and later 2900 switches, is anyone know mib can get port status is span or group port  like . ? or any mib can know interface ...

Yves Yi by Beginner
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Hello, i have to deal with a new rare situation. I have a /23 subnet in which all our Servers are located. A few servers have really high broadcast traffic, which as the admins told me cannot be changed server side. Usually i'd just create a seperat...