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BDI and HSRP support on ASR903

Hi, Did you encounter any problems with running HSRP over a pair of ASR903 running BDIs ? Are there any caveats that I should look out for? In may case in seems that standby router is accepting the frames to destination vMAC address of the HSRP grou...

ASA 5512-X Useage

I went  through the CCNA Academy back in 2013, passed the certification test with a 947....so I was pretty solid on the knowledge.  Unfortunately I haven't used those skills...really at all since then.  Keep that in mind as you read, I'm rediscoverin...

Resolved! cisco 2851 some websites i got access

hi i recently upgraded from bt hub to a cisco 2851 i am having some routing issues . some websites e.g speedtest.net and steam servers e.g rust giving me ssl errors . when i try connect to speedtest.net i cant connect to the site . i can ping the sit...

Cisco 3850 Switch

Hi, I am using cisco 3850 switch with 350W power supply. I want to know about the current requirement at the time switch powers on. Anyone can help Please.. Regards, NA

ASR9K Interface Input Errors?

All,I got a ticket today and it was in regard to the error count on one of the TenG interfaces on one of our ASR9K's. In looking at the interface I noticed quite a few Input Errors on the port. I cleared the counters and monitored. In checking the po...

mctiesman by Beginner
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مشكلة في السويج سيسكو

السلام عليكم  اني طالب ادرس حاليا ccnax 200-120 عندي سويج سيسكو اتدرب عليه c3550 switch: راح السوفت وير و طلع عندي فقط  switch: switch: ? ? -- Present list of available commands boot -- Load and boot an executable image cat -- Concatenate (type) file...

iq.asal01 by Beginner
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MAC Address table entries.

Hello, Quick question regarding mac address tables. I have one switch acting as basically a dumb switch. Its a 3750 x running IOS 15.3. A server has indicated there is an IP address conflict in the network. From what I can tell the only thing that...

can a router forward multicast packet ?

Hi  can a router forward multicast packet ? or does router broadcast multicast packet it receives.? Example, In OSPF, each OSPF router, sends update/hello packet to multicast address, after other router receives it accept that packet and update the...